Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December 2012 Knitting

I was busy making soap sacks and i-cord for largess projects:

The personal toilette bags they went into:
Then I knit up all the nephews slippers out of chunky yarn from the Interweave Knits 2008 Holiday Gifts magazine:

I'm still behind on my gift knitting though. I need to do a pair of niece Kaisha and for my sister Jennifer, oh and one pair for my nephew Garrett. I ran out of yellow yarn, so he won't get a pair like that.

I was also able to wrap up the 12th hat for the year before it ran out -
I learned how to do the brioche stitch with this hat and it was something new for me too! Added bonus!


  1. Soap sacks are fun projects! I'm behind on gift knitting as well - need to finish the 2nd slipper sock for my dad, and still owe my aunt a hat. Almost finished the hat in time, but my stitch count was off somewhere. Managed to knit a hat for my brother in the car on the way to CA, and finished a hat for my cousin on Christmas Eve :)

    1. The stitch count got off at the very end of the brioche hat, but I was sweating the time so just went with it and I can't tell where it went off. Need to come back to the gift knitting next week and I'm sure things will be better. Good luck with yours Camille!