Sunday, October 23, 2011

No-reply blogger

Borrowing some of these from Coffee and Cabernet:

"As a blog follower, do you wish the author of another blog could respond directly to you if you ask a question in their comments section?  Are you frustrated by the fact that you really want to know the answer but most often you fail to remember to check back for their response?

What is a "Reply" & a "No Reply" blogger?

When someone leaves a comment on one of your blog posts, you get an email notification, right?  So, you log in to your email and read the comment.  If you hit 'Reply,' one of two things happens:

1) their email address displays in the 'To:' section and you can reply to them, or
2) their address looks something like this:
Jane Doe  
If scenario #1 happens, that commenter is a "Reply" blogger. {score!}  If scenario #2 happens, that commenter is a "No Reply" blogger."
So how do you change your settings?
1) Go to your Blogger profile and click "Edit Profile"
2) Under the Privacy section there's a check box unchecked for "Show Email Address" - check that
3) Just below that, under the "Identity" section, enter an email address. This does NOT have to be the email address you maintain your blog with. You can create a new email address and enter that. This email address is used only when another blog author replies to a comment you've left. Gmail now has settings so you can maintain more than one account easily (not that I'm doing that).
4) Don't forget to click on "Save Profile" or your change won't stick.

Thanks to Sue at Alderwood Quilts for reminding me that I wanted to fix the "no-reply" for myself. Hopefully this is something that others wanted to know about too. ;-)

You can of course remain a "no reply" commenter, but I'd like to think that you'd like to get some kind of response to a comment that you've left on my blog or another blog.

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  1. Tami, I always appreciate when you reply to my comments and I appreciate when you take time to comment on my blog. I'll see if I can follow the directions you provided. Thanks!