Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hat Fun

I've always liked hats but have had a hard time finding fun hats that aren't terribly expensive. Enter Shop Goodwill. I've gotten some hats in lots and individually. I don't always like all the hats in a lot, so will either give them away or sell them.

Here's some of the hats I've gotten:
Showing the feather on the hat

Also has a bow. Need to find some way to keep on though!

Barely perched on rabbit beret. Not sure I'll keep it, but can't wear with hair up or I need to find a way to keep it on.
In surprisingly good shape! Brown with sequins and netting. I'm not keeping it, so sale or giveaway.

Perched on top! I'm not keeping, it does remind me about something from the 60s.

Shows the feather. It's brim is velvet.
Red velvet on the top. Think it would look great with a steampunk outfit if I ever do one. ;-0


  1. I love hats and I am especially fond of people that wear them. Yours are gorgeous and they look lovely on you.