Saturday, October 22, 2011

More October knitting

Two pairs of Cascade Fixation anklets were quickly knitted. Nice simple pattern on US4 needles and you have soft squooshy ankle socks for lounging around the house or wearing with your tennis shoes:

I had a quick knit sample for Lorajean in some of her delightfully soft and squishy Bulkan. It's Irishgirlieknits Comfort Food wristwarmers:

She had a trunk show last weekend at For Yarn's Sake and after I finished the second one, gave her a call. Told her I could get them to her shortly, if she could hang out a bit. I arrived just as she was in the process of loading up her stuff so it worked out for both of us. Yes, I didn't get them blocked but she can get that done. Andrea almost didn't give them up after being asked to model them. ;-)

I was going to start my October shawl but found that I was missing the charts, so went with the quick and easy Barn Raising Quilt blocks. I after all had some recently finished samples, so why not use them? These are really like potato chips, you can't stop at just one. Four were shortly made and I have a fifth in time out on the needles. Here's the four from - Rogue Adventures, Upstream Alpacas and that Pear Tree Merino:

If I were going with the proposed 42 blocks, I'd be almost done. I want t bigger blanket, so more blocks to make. I've also been toying with the idea of putting it together similar to a quilt with sashings around the blocks. This will help increase the overall size and with one color pull them all together. Not sure about the color though. So do I back it with like a flannel sheet or do I make other blocks in a different pattern and put those together to become a double-sided blanket?

I jumped in and started my October socks, planned as a Christmas gift and have one done and the other partially done:

Pattern is from Knitty, Breeze. My suggestion for sock designers, do not assume that they will be knitted one particular way. These assume three dpns. I'm doing them with two circs. It has suggestions to increase the heel stitches for larger feet, but does not have instructions for the extra stitches. I just went with the suggested and it worked out, but was kind of annoying.

Still need to get my October shawl started, have everything all ready to do, just need to finish the second anklet and get started. I've been spinning on Miss Molly and have the Knitted Wit samples all spun up. I started on some BFL/Silk I got from Rachel. She didn't like how it spun up and I'm not either. So it may become stuffing for some knitted toy.

I had noticed this plant in the box with the Nasturtiums and the peppers but no idea what they are when I noticed they were flowering:

Anyone know what it is?

I almost forgot a project! It's a cover for Leeloo:

Top picture is pre-felting as is the centr one. The bottom one is after felting. I need to get all her measurements written down somewhere so its easier to knit her stuff that fits. I used up my purple all wool yarn scraps/samples to make it, so its her Purple People Eater sweater. I have more sweater projects lined up for her, so those measurements are crucial. ;-)  This one will be okay, but won't be a favorite.

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  1. You are such a wonderfully busy soul! I love it. Your work, as always, is beautiful! I'm anxious to knit a sweater for Hayley but I think she's growing too quickly at the moment for that. Happy Autumn to you.