Monday, October 31, 2011

Finishing October up

So wrapping up the month with a couple more small skeins of yarn from Miss Molly. A merino that I got from Cindy. She had gotten it in her SOAR 2009 bag. Two-ply, 21 grams, and 134.3 yards. The other is also from Cindy, but this time a WWSiP day sample from her shop, Urban Fiber Arts, merino/alpaca/silk. I spun an ounce of this and Kool-Aid dyed. This sample I'm going to use a natural black bean dye. It's also a two-ply, 28 grams, and 132.2 yards.


Pre-mordanting in alum and cream of tartar

Did a quick little knit for Halloween of a witch's hat for Leeloo. Took picture of it on both dogs:
Saturday we drove up to Olympia for a music and bardic symposium in the Barony of Glymm Mere. We were a little late, but Brandon was able to get into his guitar class, then a lute class, story telling, and how to host a bardic event   They enlisted a couple of local people, they even asked us if we wanted to compete, to be their bardic champion. This would have happened after the dinner, but there was a slight delay in beginning. It was $10 per person for the event and Brandon had to pay a total of $3 for two of his classes (one had a music CD). What we were paying for was this:
1st Remove
Bread with herbed butter (very good)
Mushroom & cheese pastries (got to bring 3/4 of a pie home with me - yummy)
Compost – vegetables pickled in wine & spices (surprisingly tasty!)
Cameline Beef (nom, tender beef slices)

2nd Remove
Duck with glazed turnips (I carved the duck, it was good! so were the turnips)
Bernaise sauce (they had a hard time with keeping it blended but still good)
Cameline sauce (a little tart)
Cynches (these came out well, I've made them in the past - roasted chickpeas)
Peas with pearl onions (a little overdone)

3rd Remove
Pork stuffed with bacon, brie, and chestnuts (would have liked to try the chestnuts, but I don't eat pork)
Yellow pepper sauce
Mustard cream sauce
Apple Muse (this was good, kind of an applesauce in milk)
Rice in milk & beef broth (a bit dry but good with the apple muse)

4th Remove
Pears in wine & honey (tried to eat it while still way too hot, good, but not as good as the meringues)
Cream Horns (the horns were a bit stale, probably made the day before but not covered well - yummy cream)
Meringues Chantilly (I ate two and a half and could have stuffed my face with more if I hadn't already been stuffed from all the previous food!)

I wore my gates of hell green dress and Brandon got to wear his new jacket that Andrea helped him make. Here he is all dressed up for his work Halloween party (his co-worker/D&D friend Brent is in the background):

Still working on my October shawl, Dunes with my handspun Yak/Merino.  Its a nice simple pattern to knit, just might be too simple because I find I have to put it down and make my brain work or spin a bit. So my goal in November is to get the shawl done first, then work on the November socks and then start on all the extras I'd like to do. 

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  1. Tami, I can't wait to see the how the black bean dye works.