Saturday, October 8, 2011

Early October knitting and spinning

I actually finished my shawl in September but didn't have the final project photo until just yesterday. I knew I wasn't going to get it in time on the 30th, so just waited until I could get Brandon's help.

Pimpelliese Shawlette:

You're supposed to weigh the yarn, knit to the half way point and then start decreasing. I went a little over, but thought that it wouldn't be an issue. I was a little bit more short and ran out so had to use another leftover yarn to finish. When wrapped in the front as a shawl its a bit obvious if you don't drape correctly and worn as a scarf, it can also be hidden. I had planned to give as a gift to the person who had given me the yarn, but now, it will go in the stack and most likely donated at the end of the year. :-(  Pattern was fun to work though!

I had also finished my guanaco fiber in September. I have enough that I think I can do another Pretty Thing Cowl:
This weekend, I needed a break from the knit project I had started Friday night. I've discovered I must be allergic to mohair. This is the second time using mohair has made my tongue tingle and my face itch. So I broke out my WWSiP samples and spun up the Upstream Alpaca samples, because its just plain yummy to spin with and the Pear Tree merino sample. I think it has some silk in the blend and was nice to spin. I navajo-plied the Upstream Alpaca samples and just two plied the Pear Tree, but I did them all as one single skein. I knew I wasn't going to have much in the way of yardage from any of them so why not make it one skein? 

I think I mentioned that Kathy and Marcello are moving to Italy? They're friends from SCA. She started by giving me her stash, then her canning equipment - BIG canner, jars of many sizes but lots of quarts, the lifter, magnets and funnels. Plus supplies from her pantry. Then plastic storage bins and glass canisters and more pantry items. Today it was more plastic storage bins (really can you have too many?), glassware and two pretty torchieres. So to thank her for their generosity, I knit her a medieval pouch to use at events while in Italy:

Kathy had also learned how to Nalbind last year at An Tir-West War when I took the weaving class. She only has one needle and had misplaced it (she's since found it). With Brandon's help in cutting them out, I then sanded the points in and some linseed oil and then a final finish and they all went to her with the bag this afternoon:
There are ten of them. She immediately put them into her carry on bag to take on her flight. I need to go through my stash and find more Lamb's Pride that I can give her to take along.

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