Friday, October 7, 2011

Meet Miss Molly

I had been bidding on an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel through a Goodwill auction. It was under $100 when someone from Arizona posted it on Ravelry in several groups. So before it ended it had gone over the $200 I was willing to go for it. It wasn't coming with any bobbins. Once it went over that mark, I started looking around on Craigslist and saw that there had been one listed in Springfield. I emailed the person and asked if they would take $200 instead of the $250 it was listed for. It also included three bobbins and the lazy kate.

Tom emailed me back and said yes to the offer. I contacted him Tuesday morning and found out that he was going to be home, so with Brandon's permission, jumped in the car and headed down to Springfield. I ended up chatting with Tom for a couple of hours before loading up and heading back home. Showed him about Ravelry and got to see his spinning and quilting. It really was a lovely time and I'm glad I got to meet him and hope to see him again (we both missed OFFF and hope to go to BSG next year).

Brandon thought the wheel could use a bit of linseed oil, so I oiled her up and took her to spinning on Wednesday. There Rachel helped me by telling me to loosen the back mother of all screw that holds on the bobbin and shortened the cotton drive band, then oiled all areas. After I loosened the brake band, I was off and spinning!

I'm looking forward to being able to take Miss Molly to events and spinning with her. Now I have to decide if I want to 'pimp' her out. Some Celtic knotwork on the front or on the wheel? The wood is too pretty to paint. Thanks to the Ashford Spinning group on Ravelry I found the Traditional Timeline and it looks like she was built in 1982. Only the color is different. (There are some people out there that PAINT?! over that lovely wood.)
All my spinning wheels: Great Wheel (Brandon still needs to fix her rim), Lendrum and Ashford Traditional
Some of my stash baskets as well as Leeloo can be seen. I need to move the stash baskets back under the piano once I finally get all out camping boxes moved out to the shed this weekend. Though I recently have come into more plastic storage boxes and really hope to move them into those so the yarns don't gather dust and get some protection from any possible wayward moth problems.

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  1. Nice collection of spinning wheels. I have a very similar great wheel.