Sunday, January 9, 2011

Three-quarters done

I cast on both projects shortly after midnight on January 1st - Crimson Haruni and Roppongi Orion Socks. The shawl was a much more successful cast on and progress:
 Almost to the halfway point of being done
Half of the second half is done. You can see the lifeline between the two halves. There's just ten rows left to do and then I'm binding off.  So its three-quarters of the way done.
 First sock in progress - notice I modified the heel to be a short row heel. I also modified the toe. Original called for a 14 stitch cast on and then increase to 64 stitches, that just made it huge on my toes. So I frogged it and again using Judy's Magic Cast On (I finally have it down pretty well, but will have to make sure I do another toe up sock this year) did an 8 stitch cast on and then increased like I would with the decreases on a top down.
 Once you get into the leg of the sock it just kind of flies doing the stranded work. I followed the needle bind off that the author suggested. It's very stretchy I guess. It kind of seems loose to me.
As of this afternoon, I have the second sock done past the heel, so the pair is also three-quarters done.

I ended up missing weekly spinning through the month of December through one thing or another. So I was determined to make it this first week of January. There was three hours then and today another couple of hours of spinning at The Knitting Bee for its monthly Spinning Bee. 
 Progress after Wednesday's spinning. It's a Spinner's Hill batt that Shelia brought back in 2009 from Rhinebeck. It's a Finn-Rambouillet-Mohair-Silk mix.
 If  you look on the left side of the bobbin you can see the height difference between Wednesday and Sunday's spinning.
 I'll try for a daylight shot tomorrow of this. It's 1 ounce of Upstream Alpacas in Rose Grey. It's going towards the State Fair spinning I have planned.

I feel good about this week's progress. I'm not sure what will be up next in the plans, but I have some queues that I'm sure will help guide me. ;-)

I know its from the back but the sun was shining and I thought she looked cute. Leeloo turns eleven months old tomorrow. Her hair is growing out (needs to be brushed) and we're trying to get her nose/muzzle hair to grow out and get out of her eyes.

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  1. You've been so busy! I LOVE the socks (I have yet to make colorwork socks, can you believe that?), and that fiber is luscious!