Monday, January 31, 2011

January Wrap-Up

I had planned to do some cabled slippers that I had actually bought the pattern for from Ravlery - Cair Paravel's. I wasn't really enjoying the toe-up purling though and noticed that the only pairs that came out looking nice, were the pattern author's. I may try them again, just not now, maybe later in the year.

I needed cable items for the month of January for the Christmas Make Ahead group, so went searching and found some owl cloths. I pulled out some Knit Picks Shine Worsted that I had that turned out to be perfect for the cloths. Between the two cloths that I did, I used almost all of a skein. Bonus! I didn't think they were enough for the month so found a pattern for a small bag. It's knit in the round, has cables that makes circles then you do a flap. I followed the instructions pretty much for the first one, then went with the feel for the second.
Continuing work on the Raspberry February Lady Sweater. I have six inches of gull lace pattern done so far:
Trying to get it all visible meant on the piano bench and inside, so flash washout. I'm happy so far with the cardigan.  If things work out, it should be done in February as planned. Of course, I have the February projects that will be started tomorrow to make things interesting!

It was a delight to start spinning Knitted Wit's BFL in shades of blue. It was four ounces and just seemed to fly onto the wheel.  I ended up with 777.83 yards of lace weight yarn. After seeing this, and still not getting the wpi for Black Cherry, I'm calling it a light fingering weight yarn though.  I need to find a nice shawl pattern for it, but here's Springtime Blues:

So far so good!

PS: the Knitted Wit link takes you to a survey she has, take the survey and get a 40% off coupon for her Etsy shop.

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  1. Wow, that yarn is to DIE for! Beautiful spinning!