Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 Yarn Train Results

I scooped Gail up late, so arrived after the train had arrived at Union Station. I did get to pick up my bag from the organizers:
From the left are little noted cards by a local Seattle area person that you can include with your hand knit item saying what kind of care your gift needs. Gherardelli Chocolate, Pencil from American Knitting, Urban Fiber Arts folder has a note pad and a variety of post-it stickers as well as a lovely pen. The highighter tape is a lime green and a little green flashlight. From Knit-Picks a double ended crochet hook on a keychain and a row counter.

There was also a lovely pattern inspired by the bridges and train:

We stopped in at Urban Fiber Arts first. Gail had requested a red yarn bowl and I was picking up my Oregon State Fair fiber for spinning:
It took three attempts to get a picture where I wasn't getting a shot of Cindy from the wrong side. Bethany to the left was laughing at my attempts. It is a pretty red bowl.
Camille was tempted to buy a bowl and some pretty Hydrangea roving from Abstract Fiber.
 2 ounces of very white polworth
 2 ounces of Lavender Hill Icelandic Roving from Cinnamon - kind of a creamy grey
1 ounce of pygora in grey
Gail and I then popped into Cupcake Jones to get a couple of cupcakes to bring home. We were also wearing our hats so got our free mini-cupcake. A promo they were doing because its national hat day. I tried encouraging a lot of knitters their way while they were in the neighborhood. I know that Camille wanted to go back because she ended up missing it earlier.
Gingerbread on the left and Vanilla Pearl on the right. (I shared the gingerbread with William and he deemed it 'awesomely good'.)

Gail had never been to The Button Emporium, so a trip there was next on our list of stops. I found a coupe of cute Yorkie buttons that had to come home with me along with some cute red plastic ones that can be used on baby sweaters in the future. I'm not sure what to do with the sheep, but they were a great price. They also had a cute notebook with a magnetic clasp that I may put aside to give as a gift.

From there we went to the Starbuck's and got lunch and coffee and met up with Michelle, Camille, Rachel, Angela and Kathleen. After chatting for a bit and Michelle offering to take three Seattle knitters over to Yarn Garden, we all ended up heading over that way. I first had to go drag Gail out of Knit-Purl. I got to flash Sandy Kay my Roppongi Orion's Socks. Rachel's car load headed over to Happy Knits first, but we all ended up again together at Yarn Garden where we all got one of their gift bags:
A Berroco yarn with a pattern to make a gift bag from the ball. Very nice free gift.

Gail was on the hunt for a Queensland pattern, so we walked the two blocks up to Happy Knits and they gave us a lovely little notebook, business card and an internet coupon:
Gail didn't find her pattern.  I did wander through looking at the lovely colors and yarn choices they have and told a couple of employees, I couldn't buy because I have to clear out stash first. It was hard! Then after chatting with Melinda for a bit, and running into Rebecca who was in looking for a bit of fiber sunshine and found it in some Malabrigo Lace in Sautrene, I herded Gail for the door for the ride home. 

I came home to a vacuumed living room and to find that Brandon had decided to wash the cushion covers on the sectional since I had put in a request to have under the cushions vacuumed. A nice surprise to a long day.  Now if only I could get rid of what feels like an allergy reaction cough. 

While I started the day prepared with three projects to knit on during down times, no knitting was accomplished - but I was prepared! I have time now, I'm going to see about getting started on my February Lady Sweater. Later!


  1. The pic of me didn't come out as bad as I thought it would ;) and I did end up getting cupcakes after we left The Yarn Garden. I got a jumbo peanut butter & jelly cupcake - the peanut butter was yummy, but the cake seemed a little dry. Also got a mini mint chocolate and mini gingerbread, which are in the fridge for tomorrow. Will have to take pics of the yarn I got, and maybe try blogging again...

  2. That was a fun afternoon! We ended up at Dublin Bay after Happy Knits and Twisted. A good tour for the out-of-townies!