Friday, January 14, 2011


Kind of as a way to prepare for blocking and after talking with Shelia at spinning that I could block it like normal, I soaked my Diamonds and Pearls shawl and then using pins and blocking wires re-blocked.

I didn't get a good fresh pic of me wearing it but here are some new pics:

One of the cool things that Brandon made me for Christmas is a wood lazy kate. I figured out that we'll need to replace the wooden dowels (too fat), thankfully I guess, he has a couple days to get it ready before I need it. The lid was hand carved, can you tell where the scene came from?

We got just a smidge more snow than what is here, why yes that is green stuff growing on the patio, we grow a lot of it in Oregon.


  1. You got more snow than we did. We got nada!

    The lid is beautiful. Lots of talent in your house!

  2. Is the scene from Lord of the Rings?