Friday, September 17, 2010

WWSiP 2010 Bag Assembly

Wednesday night at Whole Foods I had more bags come in, and I'd also picked up ten bags earlier in the day. There was fiber, labels, soap and coupons dropped off too. Then there was dividing up fiber into sample bags, photos to take, then the stuffing began....

From Robyn
From Chandra
From Kathleen (her DH works with Rachel's DH)
From Chris and her Upstream Alpacas
Cindy brought cards, coupons and Dicentra fiber samples for Urban Fiber Arts (Opening September 27th!)
Rosemary Spearmint Soap from Peace of Soap
Rachel's i-cord distaff's
Carissa Marie's alpaca came in today, but since I was showing tidbits in the bags.....
My awesome assembly crew Angela, Rachel and Duffy with the stuffed bags.
Bag and contents (minus the alpaca from CM)

Duffy also brought some 'fiber buns' that she had fun creating on her drum carder. I've put a couple each into the bags that Chandra made, we also had three bars of soap extra, that also went into bags. These and a pretty braid from Lorajean, some Icelandic fleece I've received, a lovely chocolate alpaca fleece are some of the door prizes we'll have for people too. Sheila has also promised some goodies from her fiber room for the door prizes.

Now, hopefully the rain we have been getting will hold off until after our event. While canopies are provided, I really don't want to haul all of this and the sign in the rain. Selfish of me I know!

Would love to hear about others WWSiP events they attend, or if you just stay home and spin what you spin. ;-)


  1. Sorry it is raining on your party today. I'm one that's trying to stay warm and cosy but no doubt you'll have plenty of visitors.

  2. Thankfully it only rained on half of our party. We had lots of people and lots of fun - should have come!;-)