Sunday, September 19, 2010

World Wide Spin in Public Day 2010

We were up bright and early to head down to the Hillsboro Farmer's Market to setup for the World Wide Spin in Public day event. Brandon put up the sign he printed out for us. Sari was there minutes after we arrived and helped move the three tables and chairs around so that we could spin easily. Yes, the market setup three canopies, provided three tables and a slew of chairs for us - how nice!!

The market had moved us down to 3rd and Main Street in front of Gimre's Shoe Store instead of where we've been in the past for events, next to the fountain at the Civic Center. This turned out to be a better place for us. We had lots of people stop by and watch and talk with us. A few got to try their hand at drop spindling and Rachel C even let a little girl try out her wheel.

Angela's wheel was being crank, so I pulled out one of my gem stone drop spindles. I think she had fun spindling after a long time away.
Cindy's hand to the left with her turkish drop spindle. Kathy in blue on the right is a new drop spinner. We started her at the Spin-In this last February. She won some pretty purple Knitted Wit roving in the door prizes. She'll be spinning more!
Rachel and I played dueling cameras. Hers is really nice.;-)
Gail, Bobbie and Sari, with the back of Rachel C's head. 
Shelia, Duffy, and Chris (she had a bin of temptation that I resisted) and Cindy's elbow. This is what happens when you try not to take photos of someone's @$$, you get other creative bits of them instead. LOL
Rachel without a camera in her face. 

A nice gentleman watched us spin with his little blind Pomeranian and was nice to bring us a dozen mini-cupcakes from Tamera's Treats. I had one of them and they were delicious! I decided after picking up lunch from a vendor to bring back a dozen for the family. They're moist and tasty. Her lemon one had curd inside and a nice lemon cream, wonderful after the disappointment of the lemon-berry by Saint Cupcake.

I had also brought Leeloo with me. She took it upon herself to defend our area from all the dogs. Especially the big dogs. I did try to get her to meet them and some of the meetings were more successful than others. She did much better with all the small dogs and flirted with the little boy dogs the most. 

I didn't bring my wheel because I was worried about the weather, we did get sprinkled on a bit towards the end. I did sit down and start spinning with one of the drop spindles and one of the lovely samples from Rogue Adventures. I finished it up last night. The drop spindle and my bag of goodies:

How was your event?


  1. Sounds like your event went very well. I do love Rogue Adventures roving.

  2. Thanks Linda! You'll have to come out next year and join us!

  3. Sorry to miss it! Looks like you had a great time. Did you make it to the LM sale?