Monday, September 13, 2010

A little temptation....

I've been receiving fiber from local dye artists for the upcoming World Wide Spin in Public day event on September 18th. This is our second one and we'll be at the Hillsboro Farmer's Market again. They provided us with two canopies last year, which was really nice since we had rain last year. We have our fingers crossed for sun this year, or a nice cloud cover without rain. ;-)

So to tempt you with some of the fibers coming in thus far....
Stitchjones merino in Baby Chartreuse

Knitted Wit BFL in Purple Crayon
Knitted Wit BFL in Birds of a Feather
coupons and pencils from Knitted Wit

Pico-Accuardi Dyeworks SW Merino in Indigo or Corriedale in "OFFF" along with their buttons and a coupon to use at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

Rogue Advetures BFL in Pheasant

Fiberqat has sewn up ten goodie bags that are big enough to carry a drop spindle in that we'll be handing out.  Aren't they pretty? (Check out her Sept 12 blog post for pic)

Carissa Marie has some alpaca samples that she'll be sharing and possibly a fleece for a door prize.  Other door prizes are being arranged. There's more fiber samples coming in too! There's also the i-cord distaff's made by Trtlgrl and I plan to make some diz's to add to the bags. Duffy will have her drum carder there and some batts made out of the exploded clown fluff that Tiggywinkleknits received last year. She says she's calmed down some of the outrageousness of the colors. ;-) Tiggywinkleknits will have some of the clown fluff and some CD drop spindles for people to try their hand at spinning. Trtlgrl also talked to a soap vendor and they are supposed to be providing some soap samples. 

If you're local to the area and a spinner, I hope we see you 9am-1pm at the Farmer's Market. (We'll only have on a first come first get 20 goodie bags available.) If you're not local and a spinner, I hope you have a great event to attend!

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