Monday, September 6, 2010

Getting ready for Acorn War

Acorn War is this next weekend and up on Chehalem Mountain - elevation around 1600 feet, so while it may be partially cloud and a high of 71 for this next weekend and a projected low of 54 degrees. The higher elevation can and most likely will be ten degrees cooler overnight.

With this in mind I pulled out some scraps of stash and started on another hoody for Leeloo. This one from Bernat Design Studio. They thought flat and seaming. I started out with it flat and ended up joining. I'm going to probably do this one again, and the next version will definitely start out all in the round. ;-) Since I was constrained by the amount of yarn that I had left, I threw in a stripe here and not as long there and there. Which translates into - the back isn't as long as suggested and the hoody it more decoration than functional. I *can* tuck her head into the hood, but she wouldn't be a happy puppy. Since it was dark when I finished and I didn't want to wait until tomorrow to post......

I also made another arming cap. This one in Rowan Wool Cotton and a much happier knit. Well I did have to partially frog it. Thankfully I had decided to try it on before making the cast off commitment and found it a bit short. So frogged back to before starting the decreases and gave it an additional half an inch. I think it works. It feels so silky soft that I can imagine it keeping a head warm, yet cool and wicking away sweat. I had to wait a day to get William to model for me, Brandon's head is just too big to do it correctly. 
He looks ready to don gear and fight.....

I had bought some black macrame cord to help strap me into a wool bodice and the Irish Dress. I'm in need of a belt and didn't have the money to buy one of the nice leather ones right now, so I asked Brandon if he could use his lucet to braid me one. Within a short time, I think less than an hour he had it all braided.  Then he went outside and cut out a ring and sanded it. I need to find some nice pony size beads to string at the end. I think it came out great!
The ring is out of burl Maple so has cool figuring.

I'm going to try to make a wimple to take with me but I'm not going to stress it. I've figured out that 15th Century Bavarian garb as my target. So I need to retrofit some eyelets in a few dresses. I have also figured out that some of my dresses collecting dust in the closet could also be retrofitted with eyelets and a little extra length on one dresses and I can have some nice new garb.

Debby went to the State Fair and kept an eye out for my stuff I had turned in. She was only able to find two, but they both had ribbons on them.  I won't find out the results on the rest of them until Thursday.  She was kind enough to take pictures for me:
2nd place
3rd place

Thanks Debby!

We helped Judy move outdoor plants over to her new place. It's looking more settled in with furniture from my last visit. A few hostas came home with us too. We also brought home the futon mattress that we'll use camping. I had high hopes of being able to also use the frame, but the frame doesn't fold in half so that it could easily go in the trailer. It only folds into a couch position.  

How was your holiday weekend?

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