Sunday, March 7, 2010

Portland Yarn Crawl - Sunday

Migraine was back this morning but I was optimistic I could get a few shops in this afternoon. Called Sara to see if she was feeling better and wanted to join me. She is feeling a little better, but not up to crawling. Dropped Brandon off at his D&D game after 1pm (late according to him.) Then headed towards downtown Portland. Dublin Bay was very quiet, just a few people in. I found one of the little sheep photos I plan to combine with my previous purchase there (Seattle to Portland Yarn Crawl) in a frame (yet to be made/purchased), along with a couple of wooden buttons - sheep and lady bug:

The last free fibre rinse/wash sample of the day too. ;-) I was able to park right outside the door, so it felt like it was a stop meant to be. I was also able to use up some Christmas money left on a gift card, so bonus.

From there it was a quick trip over to Knit-Purl, again parking within steps of the doorway, and for some reason my migraine felt like it was wanting to peak. So a quick look in their sale bins and I was going to leave, but then was looking at some solid red Koigu KPPPM and thought I could try out the pretty purples that were in the sale bin. Two seemed like a good number if they become socks, or possibly enough if there's a shawlette in its future:
With a gas tank that had flashed the little 'empty' light on my dash, I left Knit-Purl and headed south towards Northwest Wools. I spied a parking space across the street from them so again thought that this was a stop that was meant to be. Ran into Kathy already in the store and we had Noriko arrive while we were there. We had run into both of them yesterday. ;-) I even knew that they had rovings available and so with a quick look inside and signing on the raffle sheet, I was pointed right to them. A pretty red, magenta and purple roving seemed to leap off the shelf at me and after trying to resist, decided it should come home with me. The reds were just too gorgeous:

Still looking for a gas station that wasn't selling gas for over $3 I continued further south to try to find Molehill Farm. I was sure that I was lost, but kept going and found it a little further past than I thought it would be. It's in a tiny little house, with a tiny little parking area for people. Apparently, there were a number of comments about the parking by people on Saturday. I saw the bathtub where there's 40% off yarns, but nothing tempted me there. I might have come away with more than the skein of Misti Alpaca Lace, if price tags were on the yarns, especially since she was offering 25% off. Not sure if that was on your entire purchase or just the skein, but think it was entire purchase. I don't need yarn right now, but I would have tried a skein of Noro Seku out.  Oh well!

Purple and red seem to be the colors of the day! I was going to try to get out to Forest Grove and Kathy's Knit Korner before 5pm, but the cramps kicked in over the acetaminophen I'd been taking for the migraines, so back at home. (It would have taken a half an hour from my house to get there.)

So stores missed in the crawl: Kathy's Knit Korner, All About Yarn (yes, I could have gotten there after Molehill, but cramps and personal reasons), Yarnia and Stitchcraft over in Vancouver. So 12 out of 16 stores were visited. Odds in winning one of the baskets in the 12? Who knows? ;-)

I need to wind off the yak-merino that has been neglected this weekend off its bobbin and find out how much of it I have. There should also be a soak to set the twist too. There's also a couple of mounds of laundry that need to get done and no house elves have shown up to help me out.

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  1. Sounds like you had a crazy-busy weekend! I love your spoils, especially the fiber!