Sunday, March 7, 2010

Portland Yarn Crawl - Saturday

I went to bed Friday night with a migraine and a neck ache. I tried one of the Percocet tabs that mom had brought for me to try. Wasn't noticing a difference after several hours and tried a second tablet. Not sure if this is why a few hours later when I got up I threw up a few times. Plus the migraine was fully raging by that point. Called Rachel and Shelia and let them know I was going to be late to the Grange clean-up.

Then as I was about to walk out the door an hour later, they called me back to say that what I could help with at the Grange was done, so where did I want to meet? We decided to meet at For Yarn's Sake. Ran into Stitchjones as she was coming in with her yarny goodness. Food was needed by that point so a trip around the corner for some Trader Joe's was in order.

Rachel showing off her Si Capitan, and her new bag in the sunshine of the courtyard at Beaverton Town Center. Checked in with Cindy but she was still over at The Knitting Bee, so we headed off to our next adventure. Shelia driving since I was still a little distracted, but with my handy map notes for where we were heading.

We started with Yarn Garden and scored parking in front of the store. There were boxes of older knitting and crochet magazines for free. I couldn't think but Shelia and Rachel brought back some for themselves and a friend. While we were getting ready to go, I spotted a 'hat twin' and took a photo:

Yarn Garden was giving out samples for yarn wash or rinse as well as a little yarn sample with directions to make a mini-sock. (See below)

Since Happy Knits is only a couple blocks up from Yarn Garden it only made sense to walk there. My first time there and its a lovely shop with plenty of room to move around and see all the lovely yarns. A nice big table/room for classes and meet-ups. I picked up a skein of sock yarn:

On our way to Gossamer, Rachel spotted a lady crossing in front of us with a Saint Cupcake box. I yelled out the window asking 'where?' and found out that it was just a bit up the road we were about to cross. So a sidetrip was in order for cupcakes. We all brought back ones for our honeys. 

Carrot Cake, Coconut, White Hot Fudge, Chocolate Hot Fudge

We did make it to Gossamer and Rachel now wants to do some felt art after seeing the cool stuff on their walls. I'm tempted too!

Twisted was next on the list. Rachel immediately fell in lust with a pink beaded wrap in the window and snatched up the pattern then went on a hunt for yarn. I thought their expanded space came out lovely and spotted Sivia Harding trying to teach a sock class in one corner of it. Shelia had run into a friend and got sidetracked at the door. After a trip to the local coffee shop so we could make the last few stops we were on towards our next one.

Further into North Portland is Close Knits. Small shop with lots of yarn and people. Shelia was able to find a couple more skeins of a yarn she'd found in one of the other shops. (Yes, it was all starting to blur by that point in time!) There's also a cool little fabric shop next door, aptly named Bolt that we went through. Tiggywinkleknits needs to take a shop there - we spotted two bolts of fabric with hedgehogs on them! ;-) They also have some other nice vintage type fabric, so if you're on the lookout, here's your shop.

Heading west but still in NoPo is Naked Sheep. I had hoped to find one of their bags in purple, but only pink and light blue were available. It was late in the afternoon so I'm sure other shoppers snapped those up quickly. I settled for a couple of stickers and stitchmarker in purple and a Lo-Lo Bar in Blackberry Sage.

(Forgot the Lo-Lo bar)

Shelia was willing to throw in a stop at The Knitting Bee before taking us back to my car over at For Yarn's Sake, so off we went! We got there about 4:45pm and were able to spend a few minutes in there before they closed up shop. Felt sorry for the two ladies that were turned away....

Then back to my car, offered to take Rachel home since it was more on my way home than Shelia's. Long day!

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  1. I'm sorry you had to suffer a migraine again. They are such hateful things.
    Looks like a fun time shopping. Red and purple were definitely the colors of the day. Such Fun!