Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cupcakes, trades, dyeing

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon/evening making mini-cupcakes and frosting them. I made the Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with a slight modification to the frosting recipe - I added in a 1/4 cup of Irish Cream.
There were over 80 mini's made. Luke came home for Spring Break so between him and William their numbers were whittled down. I took some to spinning on Sunday at The Knitting Bee and Gail took the leftovers home. Some have been frozen for future eating.

I had offered my Velvet Grape Malabrigo Lace for trade/sale and they were popular a few Thursdays ago. I opted to trade with Beth in Ontario for her Indigo. She sent them off to me with a candy bag a Cadbury Crispy Crunch. By the description it seems similar to a Butterfinger. I'm saving it, so will have to let you know if they are or not.

Last Wednesday at spinning Trish of Rogue Adventures came and hung out with us. I handed over my undyed Shetland, Finn and Falkland for her to dye. Last night she handed back the Shetland all dyed in the Oregon Berry Crumble colorway. Apparently Shetland and Falkland are a bit dye resistant so mine didn't come out as vibrant but pretty nonetheless:
Friday plans are to visit the Gem Faire with Sara and find some crimp beads and wire for making stitch markers. I'll load up the car before picking up Brandon and we are heading to the beach house. We have heard rumors that the beach house is going on the market, so this may be our last visit.

I've had a cold this last week with lots of coughing taking out my voice, so of course this last week involved lots of visiting with people (party on Monday, knitting at Moonstruck on Tuesday, Wednesday spinning & knitting). Tonight I had planned to go to another spinning meeting, but instead stayed home to scan library book patterns. In between all that socializing I managed to get my craft area cleaned up a bit. All spun yarn now have labels with them. Traded out a small bin of machine washable yarns for a bigger bin and the smaller bin for the extra fiber that has crept into the stash. Loose patterns have been placed into page protectors. Now I just need to find a big binder to put them in, possibly with section tabs. Cleaned off my cutting board and had Brandon bring in the loaned drum carder from Sara. I've cleaned off a section of the drums and oiled the drive chain. I might be able to get a little bit carded before meeting up with Sara. Otherwise the plan is to get everything done on Monday - Icelandic, Llama, and what was listed as Finn but Shelia thinks of as Shetland. I have some black silk and the Valkyrie Angelina to blend in with the Llama and maybe the Icelandic. Heck I might get wild and throw the Angelina in with the Shetland too.  


  1. Gracious, you are busy. I've been watching the beautiful roving Trish has been posting on her blog. She does have some beautiful colors.

    I usually go for softer colors when I have a choice.

    Sounds like you're having a lot of fun.

  2. Trish did a nice job on the roving! Glad to know that Falkland fiber is somewhat color resistant. I got a package of it at Newport and tried to dye it a dark colorway, and all the navy blue dye washed out! Oh well - live & learn. :D

    Yummy looking cupcakes.