Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sock Summit Day 4

So very tired! So much knowledge, so many fun things, and awesome teachers. Got to loan Sandi Wiseheart my shawl while she was freezing in Lucy Neatby's class. Got both of their autographs in my book.

Spinning sock class was educational and fun. Could have used more time of course. Wish I could have gotten into one of Judith's classes, but I get to sit in the back of the room for a bit tomorrow morning and spin.

Brandon's co-worker had a house party this evening, so I spent an hour there before heading over to the Forestry Center for the Ravelry Meet-up. Got there late enough that I missed a goodie bag and didn't win any of the door prizes. Had a great time talking with Lisa (ljcoz on Ravelry) about Australia and coming up for this event. Got pic taken with Jess (Frecklegirl) with the Bob puppet. Got a 'sock' button from Amy Singer on the way out.

Tomorrow also includes some time in the bookstore as well as the Luminary Panel to finish up the day. There's also the closing ceremonies. Then it will be all over. More pics tomorrow!

Sock Summit 09
(Check out the ones of Tiggywinkleknits with a fan, and Stevanie getting licked and then licking Larissa - all in the name of Lantern Moon temp tatoos.)

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