Monday, August 10, 2009

Sock Summit Day 5

I wasn't scheduled to 'do' anything until 10:30am. There had been thoughts of sleeping in and arriving just before 10am. Then Tiggywinkleknits said that I could hang out with her in the back of the room of Judith McKenzie McCuin's class. Hmm....sleep in or glean tidbits from Judith? Sold!

So after navigating a detour of our normal morning route due to the Bridge Pedal going on (almost having an accident because everyone was looking at the walkers/bicyclists above us on the Fremont Bridge) we arrived at the Convention Center and I set up my wheel in the back of the class prepared to spin some of the Gotland I had. Watched a late arrival come into class with the aide of Rachel H and setup. She had a baby in tow.

Started spinning and then noticed baby start to kind of wake up and make happy baby noises in carrier. Offered that if baby got to be too much that I could entertain her and was turned down. Fifteen minutes later the offer was accepted. That's about how long I got to stay in the classroom. The baby started making more happy noises and I thought it would be disruptive for the other people in class since Judith doesn't have a loud projecting voice.

Out I went in the concourse to entertain baby. Found Duffy spinning so we alighted there. Everyone kept commenting on the baby I had stolen from class and I had to explain. Then the baby was recognized by Casey, Jess and Mary Heather as Lilly Pearl. Famous baby apparently? Angela took over baby-sitting duties for me so I could go work a couple of hours in the Bookstore in the marketplace. Lots of last minute shoppers and people who were coming back trying to get things they hadn't gotten before. Overheard from the next booth was a comment along the lines of 'I'm spending everything I'm making'. Not sure if that was good or bad. :-)

After working in the bookstore I headed back to the classroom to pack up my unused wheel and find some lunch. Bobbie and I headed out leaving Duffy to watch stuff in the room. The mothers had left with the baby but left behind their spinning wheels and spinning stuff. So Debra who had been working in the Vendor Information booth showed up to help schlep their stuff off to the storage room because we found out that we wouldn't be able to have our spinning wheels at the back of the room during the Luminary Panel. So off we went. Wonder how they claimed their items?

The Luminary Panel was fun and interesting, but I found it difficult to stay awake some of the time. Sitting and doing nothing for a few hours when already tired will do that for you. I did manage to finish up one sock out of the intended pair for the Summit. I took a photograph of it during the panel. I did cast on for the second pair but found that when it came time to do the chart portion of the sock that my brain couldn't handle listening and paying attention to the chart. I also couldn't handle a crush of people so didn't get my magazine signed by Judith as I had hoped. Oh well, unless some unforeseen catastrophe happens, I will have another opportunity in the future.

Its great meeting up with local friends - Michele, Melissa, Alyssa, Duffy, Angela, Rachel, Sara, Cindy, Bobbie, Judy, Deb, Kim, Leila and seeing former customers at the shop, local bloggers I hadn't met in person yet - Michelle, MonicaPDX, local shop owners and employees like - Knitting Bee, Knit/Purl, Abundant, Twisted, and local dyers - Abstract Fiber, Stitchjones, Knitted Wit, Frog Creek Fiber and seeing famous faces - Yarn Harlot, Tina, Rachel H, Casey, Jess, Mary-Heather, Lucy, Cookie, Chrissy, Anne, Judith, Nancy, and Sandi (I know there were more famous people there, but I didn't get to see them up close and personal or talk with them).

Future plans involve finishing the second sock, getting the bonsai swing top done and doing a sample knit for Knit/Purl. I also need to build a web site for my dad's business this week - oh and find a job that has more hours and pay to help out the household budget. ;-)

Photos from the event including Ravelry Meetup. My camera was not getting good shots from the back at the Luminary Panel. This is a link to the Picasa Web Album for Sock Summit 09 with the additional photos.
Sock Summit 09

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  1. I love the personalization on your bag. But after I saw other knitters' autographed bags, I wished I had thought of doing that, too!