Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sock Summit Day 2

Couldn't sleep last night and was up way earlier than I'm normally up since cube days. Picked up my riders and we arrived down at the Convention Center by 7:45am. Way earlier than we needed to be there. So sleeping in and going in later on Friday. ;-)

Got to hang out and chat until just before 9am when I tried to show up for duty at Marketplace Registration to find out that the sign-up for that got lost and I had 2 hours free. If only they had been on Friday, I could have used them for the marketplace! Instead I was good and did my 'homework' for my Darn It! class - a little swatch. I did a one-hour wonder with Chrissy Gardiner learning her three favorite bind-offs. Looking forward to trying them out with my next toe up sock. She has a really nice book that I'll have to pick-up or get from the library.

I chatted with various visitors at the tables across from the registration area and had a group grow at the table during lunch. It was great to get to talk with so many people. After lunch was the Darn It class with Maarike (think I got the spelling). After cutting a hole in my swatch, doing a steek in a future sweater will be less intimidating. LOL I did learn that its not a bad idea to pre-darn a sock and do a mattress stitch along the areas that might have more wear. Of course there's less chance of wear issues if you have a properly fitting sock!

I finished out my volunteer day with a couple of hours at the Registration desk and watched the madness of all the participants eagerly awaiting their chance to do some early shopping in the marketplace. I snapped a few pictures of it as they finally got to go in. I also found out that Amy Singer carries around a ukulele - saw it being stashed and thought it might be some really wild tiny spinning wheel and so asked her about it. Also got to see her be totally startled by someone telling her that they are a huge fan.

I've been seeing the marketplace being set up, popped in early this morning and was still amazed by it this afternoon. We only stayed for an hour or so - long enough that we picked up a tote bag that we hadn't ordered before. It's a nice large tote with pockets that makes it worth picking up. Brandon personalized it for me so mine won't get lost in the sea of bags.

A couple of hours of work on my spinning wheel bag finished out my day. I have the pieces quilted, oh my that part was work! The top seam that has the drawstring, with string installed (again helped by Brandon - he's awesome!) so that tomorrow I can sew on the band that will help keep the bag on the luggage cart. Then I'll sew up the side and bottom. I'd like to do a pocket but found that I don't have enough of the fabric to do ones that match. So I may just go with smaller drawstring bags for the lazy kate and bobbins. Just have to be done so that I can use it for class on Saturday.

Off to bed earlier than last night and will definitely not have any problems sleeping tonight!

Will try to have pictures up tomorrow.

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