Saturday, July 12, 2008

Forgotten things....

Thursday afternoon was spent knitting and talking at Insomnia. Alyssa, Jeanette, and Michael were able to make it there. Jeanette is making progress with mastering dishcloths and Alyssa and Michael were busy at work on their socks. Me? I finished up block 16 on the Cascade Lizard Ridge and started block 17 - yea! Only three more blocks to go!

There is the nasty bit of the need to block them and then start seaming them into strips and then seaming the strips together before it is a complete blanket, but I have that firmly blocked out of my mind for now. ;^)

I took advantage of two things: it's not currently in use, or need to be in use, and I had my bottle of Eucalan out so Brandon's Basketweave Scarf:
received a soak in it. Not only does it make it clean, not that it was really dirty, but it is also supposed to have some 'softening' ability to scratchy wool items. It was made from Lamb's Pride Worsted so a 70% wool/30% mohair blend that felt soft to the touch. Apparently worn wrapped around the neck it also becomes slightly scratchy. This will hopefully fix that.

Currently, it's hanging across the garden bench to dry. I think it's windy enough and late enough in the day that the blue birds shouldn't leave any presents. Must remember to bring it in once its dark. I know we have squirrels in the neighborhood, but I'm not sure if they are like the 'wool stealing' ones that live in the Toronto area.

Now must remember where the mist bottle is hiding or procure one tomorrow so that I can 'mist' rather than 'soak' the blocks to be blocked.

I'd really like to buy at least two flats of raspberries for jam making, but they are going for an outrageous $30 a flat. Well raspberries aren't the only berry going for that rate, but still! I passed a lady today coming from the Hillsboro Farmers Market and asked her how much she paid for her flat (she also had two) and she said $30, so I went home and called Hoffman Farms and Smith Berry Barn to find out that was pretty much the going rate. I'll have to think about getting my raspberries now, or go for the September crop....

I also need some jam jars I think. There's also the apricot-habenero pepper jam (think jams like these, but why should I pay for them when I can make my own?) that I make, plus the peach-pepper jam, salsa that will also need jars. I've been giving them out as gifts but haven't seen the empty jars come back like I have in years past. They must not understand that they get more if they return the jars. ;^)

Last picture of the cotton dishcloths knitted this month. I had forgotten how sore they can make your arms while knitting them though....

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