Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 12 Tour de Fleece, KiP, Dark Knight

Wednesday was a busy day!

Work in the morning, come home and eat lunch. Spin a bit on the BFL and then change clothes. Go outside with Brandon and trim up the dogwood shrubs, fig, my black currant, roses, thyme, and the privets. It was just a bit warm too. I still have a couple of bushes near the front window that need to be trimmed/shaped up. Those are for Friday or Sunday depending on schedules.

Took a quick shower and read a few pages more of Small Favor, before taking Brandon to his mom's house for dinner and grandfather socialization. I headed over to Hagen's for dinner and knitting with the PDXKnitBlogger ladies. The chicken terriyaki was just a little salty, so only nibbled at dinner.

I had already planned with Sharon (Stitchjones) to buy another merino roving from her, that Hydrangea I pointed to a couple weeks ago. I got to see the 'Never Not Knitting' go around, but never actually get to hold it. As well as the The Eclectic Sole book. Bobbie did flash a few of the socks shown in it, enough that I'll see if I can talk the library into getting a copy. I worked on block 19 of the CLR.

Dreading that blocking and seaming that is rapidly approaching....

Thursday I put in another hour or so on the BFL. I just have four little bundles left to work on and that one will be finished. I think I can get it all on this one spindle. I have another spindle I can do the second BFL with and then work to ply them together. I'm getting into the flow of the thin spin, so might end up with a lace or fingering weight yarn out of this if things go well.

I was distracted by a prolonged phone call with my mother. My grandmother had gone in to get a pacemaker yesterday and mom had an argument with her this morning about me. Grandma just turned 84 on Sunday and has lung cancer that was diagnosed last fall. Throw in that she was also diagnosed with Alzheimer's not too long after that. (Little background for what happens next). So mom called me this morning, but I'd left my phone at home while I was at work. Turns out that grandma was pretty adamant that she had seen and talked with me this morning, in Reno, in the hospital. So I gave grandma a call and said that while I would have loved to have been down there more than in my thoughts, I was at home in Hillsboro. I had to go through this a few more times that I hadn't been down there, but that it was good to hear that I was looking good. ;^)

So I didn't get the spinning in that I wanted but I did have an entertaining afternoon.

Tonight we're taking the boys to a midnight showing, courtesy of the Rick Emerson Show, in Tigard. I'm going to go take a nap so that I'm not yawning through the show. I have a hand towel using my Knit Picks peach colored Cotlin planned as my entertainment since Brandon wants to be there by 10:30. We have the tickets from Fandango, so I think its all about seating.

ETA: All of this has changed once we found out they had doubled the price of tickets to $20 per person.

Not happening - Saturday we plan on heading over to Gresham for the Portland Highland Games for our third year in a row. Nick & Jesse apparently are low on funds, live in Gresham and so want Brandon, Will and Luke to come over to game over there. Me? Not so much. I'm in search of a place to hang out for a few hours knitting or spinning that won't cost me a lot to hang. I may need to check with the Aunt who also lives there and see if I can freeload off of her.


  1. Hi there! I added you to the PDX Knit Bloggers Ringsurf! Nice to see you at Wednesday Knit Night, too!


  2. dog shows at the Expo Center this weekend. Not cheap, exactly, but might be fun? (Could pick up a bunch of miscellaneous hair for spinning, too!!! LOL)