Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 10 Tour de Fleece 2008

Last night I started the Fleece Artist BFL and put in two hours. Today I've put in another two hours. I have this much done so far:

I'm pretty happy with it. The big decision will be either keeping it as a single or how well the second one comes out and plying it. Not something I have to worry about right now though.

As promised here's pics of the skeins:
HabuCorriedale-Skeined-1 Habu Green Tea Corriedale from Knit/Purl

HabuCorriedale-RomneyHandspuns-Skeined-1 Habu Natural Romney from Knit/Purl and Natural Corriedale and unknown source of pencil roving from an April drop spindle class at The Knitting Bee.

I'm going to try to get more spinning done later tonight. I also did stop and get a roving from Sharon this afternoon. The Karma Chameleon - lime green, yellow, red/orange. It's wild. It's a merino and so another new spinning experience to look forward to. It's for in case I do get the BFL done before the end of the race.

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