Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 11 Tour de Fleece

Yawn, I'm tired. I think all that concentrating has worn my brain out. I came home this afternoon with intention of working some more on my BFL. Then I saw my purple glass spindle that has just been waiting for me to put a hook on it. So I thought 'why not?' and found a paper clip, end cap, and some glue. I tried wood glue first, so allowed it an hour or so to dry. Came back to check and it seemed like it was in place so I thought I'd try out that Karma Chameleon that I picked up from Sharon yesterday.

Oh my that's a long piece of roving! I haven't put them side by side lengthwise but probably double if not triple the length of the BFL. So the 'little bit' that I disconnected from the whole as a lengthwise strip, yeah that kept me busy for two hours! It was a fun two hours though. My fingers on both hands as well as arms, back and legs are a little sore. I have been sitting on the edge of the couch so that I can park the spindle between my feet between drafting. Yea, I'm still parking and drafting. It works and until I can get a wheel I'll probably still do it. It's allowing me the control to get some nice thin singles I think.

I'm liking the merino so much that I'm going to take advantage of Sharon's sale on roving ($10 on all her roving stock) and pick up Hydrangea, tomorrow night at Hagen's. Another reason to make it to the knit night there. ;^)

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  1. Purty!! I'm so glad that roving found a home, and it's spinning up nicely!