Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 9 of Tour de Fleece 2008

Today found me measuring out the Habu Green Tea Corriedale. I have 14 yards from my 1/2 ounce and 11 wraps per inch giving me a nice DK weight yarn. What to do with it? I have no idea currently. ;^)

The Natural Corriedale-Romney-Mystery Colored Pencil Roving gave me 31.4 yards and 8 or 9 wraps per inch - in the smaller areas so an Aran weight to Bulky weight yarn that I also have no idea what to do with.

I still need to take pictures of them in their skein bundles, most likely tomorrow.

For actual spinning I did break out the Blue Face and started working with it. I spun for about two hours while watching TV. I was taking it slow so I could get a nice thin spin. Aiming for a possible single at lace weight or a double ply at most likely a DK again. I'll see once I get done with it all what I want to do with it. I had originally thought I might like to try to make socks, but since there is an absence of nylon, probably not a good idea.

I also sent a message to StitchJones, aka Sharon, whom I worked with briefly at Lingo Systems, about a roving she has on sale. It's a color combination I normally wouldn't go for, but it's a great price that I could really use to practice the spinning with. So it would be a 'fun' yarn creation. We'll see if I can pick it up tomorrow. I know the idea is to only use from stash, but since I had a very small stash that I'll most likely run out of before the end of the race, it's worth getting.

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