Sunday, June 30, 2013

Acorn War XXIV 2013

Oh my the day started way too early for me! Norbert has an ear infection going again so he shakes his head. He woke up at 5:30am and was shaking his head. Since he also insists upon sleeping touching me, he woke me up. I didn't plan to get up until 7:30am. Yea, I should have just got up and gotten started because I never really got back to a good sleep.

I had planned to take three classes there in the Arts and Sciences area. Long-arm Cross Stitch, but that was cancelled due to instructor health issues. So was going to sit in the Household class, but Ana was running late and I wasn't really awake and so spaced out before realizing that she finally started it. Oh well! I think forgetting to put on my watch necklace and not wearing my phone on me meant I was not keeping track of time. Why was this important? Meant that when the Embroidery 2 class started, I didn't know because the same people were still there from earlier. The how to make a Period tent from modern materials class had started before I realized and so I've made arrangements to meet up with Cee Are at West War and get a copy of materials and chat.

I did get to feed little Rowan and enjoy baby snuggles:

Earl Ed has a spiffy new addition to his armor that I watched him assemble:
I meant to ask him at the end of the day how heavy it was to wear. It really was cool. Ignatius had the camera and saw the horses:
Isn't the mane amazing?!

He then went over to the archery area and caught a couple pictures of Edowain enjoying herself:
Gisela was a nice surprise for the day. She brought her family and hung out in our day shade and visited with us as well as friends. Hope to see them at more events. I even mentioned Revels, so we'll see. :-)

Checked in with Lisette at the Waterbearing station. She was busy hand sewing haversacks for largesse and making sure that the war field was getting water, oranges, pickles and pretzels. I sat and watched for a bit too:
Duke Tiernan look most fierce!
Well I may not have got any classes under my belt, but I did sit and use the dog brushes that Bobbie loaned me as hand cards to card my Icelandic lamb. I had given it to Stacey to put through her drum carder, but she thought it was felted. Some of it was kind of stuck together, but was able to put them through the brushes and straighten things out quite a bit. I think half of its done from the work I did. Now to spin it!

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