Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bits and Bobs

Thursday evening, SCA friend Dafne walked down with her dogs Homer and Tige to introduce them to Leeloo and Norbert. We were testing the waters to find out if Homer and Tige could stay at our house for West War.

I was so busy keeping an eye on the interactions I was lucky I was able to get one picture:
Tige playing with Leeloo
Norbert got in Homer and Tige's faces a couple of times. Dafne thinks that he would do fine with another visit. Leeloo did really well with both of them. She even played chase with Tige for a few minutes.

With the construction going on behind us, and they often work until 7pm or later, I'm missing some of the changes in my backyard. I almost missed one of my daylillies:
Love that rich red!

I found a white half sheet and put it down in the living room and took some pics of the handspun Barn Raising Blocks in a nine-patch setup. Meaning I tried to group the colors in groups of nine with similar colors.
All of the blocks

Top row: Blues on left, Greens on right

Middle row: Naturals on left, Purples on right

Bottom row: Oranges on left (need two more!), Blues/Purples on right
I think that I want to do the quilt idea of outlining the blocks in a color. I had thought black, but think that white might be better? The three rows of nine patches is long enough for a blanket, but two columns isn't wide enough unless I want to keep it as a couch blanket. If possible, I'd like it bigger!

47 blocks done.


  1. The barn raising quilt is looking great! Black seems kinda dark for outlining the blocks, since you have the natural colored section... maybe a cream or some other lighter neutral?
    and your daylillies are beautiful!

    1. Thank you Camille! The cream or maybe a light brown might work, great suggestion. :-)
      The day lillies make me wish they lasted longer they are so pretty.