Friday, June 28, 2013

Coffee Cozy and Votive holders

June is chock full of birthdays! My Aunt Polly starts out the month on the 1st, my dad's is the 7th, Aunt Mary on the 14th along with Whitney. Mine on the 15th along with fiber friend Duffy, friend Lisa on the 16th, my nephew Keefe on the 17th, more friends along the way and my mother on the 24th, three friends on the 25th and there's still more birthdays showing up on my Facebook calender.

Danna invited us to her birthday party BBQ this last Saturday. It was a popular day to have a BBQ because we were also invited to one for Barry. Yes, they have the same birthday! The 25th. :-)

While camping at Grand Thing VIII we found that there were three French Press pots in use. I thought it might be nice to have something to help keep the coffee warmer and to also help differentiate them. Susan's birthday was in May after Grand Thing, but was sick so she'll have to wait to see if she gets one. ;-)

I had found several possible patterns, only problem is mine is packed away in the trailer and Brandon wasn't willing to half unload the trailer to get it for me. So I'm having to knit and guess that it fits. (Insert eye roll here.)

I'd recently gotten a bunch of yarn in a Goodwill auction, I'd been trying to get the Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool for projects, so all the Paton's Chunky was a bonus. I thought it would make a good one for Danna's cozy, machine washable, so didn't need to worry about an accidental felting.

Danna's is the Frenchy French Press Cozy pattern. It doesn't look like it from the pics on the blog, but looks like stacked owls to me:

Brandon tried out a couple different attempts at making a votive candle holder for her. These are the ones that he ended up being happiest with:

Will have to see if he plans to make a few more for camping. Danna loved them as she loves votives she said.

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