Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 1 & 2 of Tour de Fleece 2013

Saturday was Day 1 of Tour de Fleece 2013 and as I posted I spent the greater part of the day up at Acorn War. I was doing fiber preparation while there though. Hand carding Icelandic Fleece so I can spin it on my Ashford Traditional.
This is what it looks like:
I know still doesn't look like much, but believe me it will be soooo much easier to spin than the washed locks that were slightly matted. I still have half a bag to prepare, but I'll be taking that with me to An Tir - West War. I'll also be bringing the bag of cormo locks that also need to be carded.

When I got home, thins put away and cleaned up. I started plying the red and blue superwash merino that I had spun as singles a couple months ago:
Each of them are four ounces, so a total of eight ounces. Pretty full bobbins too! So I pulled out the bulky head with its huge bobbin and started plying. Watched the new Spiderman while doing it too. Okay movie and glad they didn't have the love interest be an actress. Here's how much I got done the first day:
It was after 11pm and so you get the pic from flash and the lighting I had.

I got up the next morning and spun for almost two hours before I had to get to a meeting, do some grocery shopping for West War and then start doing the food preparation for it with Dawn-Marie's help. We got that done by about 8:30pm, but during some of the down times I was busy spinning. Jamie had come over to pick cherries and while she was here we all watched Pitch Perfect and while watching I finished up the plying of the red-blue:
I let my bobbins sit and rest before taking them off. So it got put to the side for that rest. I then pulled out some Shetland that I had gotten a few years ago from a couple of sources and had dyed by Rogue Adventures. I had hoped for a dark dye job:
So there's one braid of four ounces and two braids that are about two ounces each. Here's the start of one of the two ounces:
That's it so far for my two days of spinning. I have a lot that I'd like to get spun up. I'm in Team Lendrum, Team Ashford, Team Spindler and Team Spin Your Stash. There's going to be Icelandic, Cormo, Shetland and some Camel-Silk spun up as currently planned. It's a long ride, here's success to all the spinners!

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