Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rus Hats or Viking Fur Hats

I have accumulated a collection of fur collars from some Goodwill auctions. They've been put to use on a cloak, and I had tried to make a hat with one. Dawn-Marie had a fox fur hat for herself that she made off of my idea last year at West War.

I wasn't happy with how mine came out, so while helping another friend find a pattern for the Rus Hat, I found this one.  I also knew that Whitney's birthday was coming up and thought she might like to have a hat for camping and winter events. Her birthday is the day before mine. ;-) I also know her favorite color is dark forest green, but I had a nice olive green velvet and some pretty black mink. With all the supplies gathered, I just needed her head measurement. Thankfully she came with the family to a Revels night so I was able to get that. We have the same head size, so that further made it easier for construction.

With Brandon's help, he created the pattern template piece, I was able to create a mock-up. Figure out that I needed to round out the top a bit more and then go on from there. I was going to use silk as the liner but Brandon thought that linen would be better. I had some scraps from Will's tunic from last year that worked. Then cut out some red velvet that was a short curtain panel or something that Brandon had brought home from a sample sale at work. Just enough to make my hat!

I had sewn the linen pieces together and the velvet pieces together and before we left for Grand Thing VIII had sewn those together. I just needed to sew closed the turning point and then sew on the mink that I was using to band it. The mink collar piece I had was a few inches longer than needed, so I was going to have to cut it or do something with the extra. I really needed the extra though for Whitney's hat. The collar piece for her's was just a bit short.

Brandon took a video of me petting the collar before I could cut it while in court. I imagine its something similar to getting ready to steek a sweater, but that's another adventure I still have to face! I did make the cut and put the bit in my basket to go for Whitney's.

Later while stopping in to give personal congratulations to Sara and Mike on their engagement, Lonnie asked to try on the hat and immediately wanted one of her own. I think I'm lucky I got it back! LOL
You can see the join in the back, maybe should have cut a smidge longer.

Isn't the mink gorgeous?

Me in the hat

Whitney's hat. The extra was a smidge long, so I tucked and hide. Just a little blood  from stabbing my finger while sewing. 
Whitney had her birthday party a week early since they were planning to go to Honey War. With mine, I didn't add any decoration to the top of the hat. It's not really visible while wearing, so wasn't sure how necessary? If anything, I might have added a few pearls to the center of the points for Whitney. She was very happy with the hat too!

I brought my bag of furs and let Lonnie go through and find the one she wants to use. It's also black and furry, but I'm not sure its mink. Dawn-Marie had also gotten to go through the furs so she could make a new hat for herself and for Larissa. So lots of Rus hats of this style will be showing up at events. ;-) I also had some blue velvet that Dawn-Marie could use. Can't wait to see how hers came out!

I can see that a few more hats will be made for the other ladies of the household once they see them at An Tir-West War. ;-) Andrea already has one out of faux fur, but I think some white rabbit might go her way to make a new one?  We'll see.

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