Friday, June 1, 2012

Grand Thing VII

Memorial Day weekend is the first camping event for our SCA season. This is the third year for going to The Grand Thing. Truly my second because last year I was in the hospital with pneumonia. Everyone was very worried that I stayed healthy and able to attend. This year was a banner event for us. We had eleven people in our group camping, and a twelfth as a daytripper. A week before the event my son William, his girl friend Jessica and Will's best friend Luke, decided to join us. With Dawn-Marie's help we were able to get them all garbed up for the weekend. She was able to borrow dresses from her daughter, Samantha that would fit Jessica. Then between a few items she had for her husband, Brent and some from the Barony's Gold Key and making them each a tunic top and some of Brandon's older stuff the boys were both dressed. Dawn-Marie and I were amused on Thursday that the boys took a couple of hours of trying on and re-trying on the different pieces finding the ones they were happiest with while we were busy getting food ready for the weekend. Brandon's co-worker Brent also joined us camping, he had been coming to Faire in the Grove the last couple of years and has visited a few fighter practices. He's a lot closer to becoming a regular we think. We had Jenna as our day-tripper on Saturday and Sunday and she became an official member of the SCA on Sunday. She's looking forward to getting camping gear and joining us at events this summer. The rest of our household was of course with us - Larissa, Andrea with her two daughters - Rose and Isis. We are The House of the Golden Bee. ;-) We were able to get to the site and get everyone all set up just in time for a thunder storm to roll through. Being up on a hill we had a wide open expanse to see the lightening bolts flash by. At one point I saw three distinct bolts come down almost together. Then there was the rain! It reminded us that we need to do some Goodwill shopping for sheets for the sides of our pop-ups. They'll act as wind/rain/shade protection through the season. It was windy on Saturday and we were grateful for the firepit we picked up and sitting around it in the evening. It was nice again Sunday night and a few rain drops that fell then. Brandon has plans to alter the firepit to be on a tri-pod as its not SCA legal currently. The rule is that the base has to be 18 inches above the ground and I would have to measure, but I think we might be a few inches short on that. There was a lovely potluck on Saturday that we attended and afterward was court.
It was a special court because the King and Queen of An Tir were in attendance. Since we had William, Jessica, Luke, Brent and Jenna all as first time eventers, they went up and received a special token from them.
William and Luke had mentioned to me earlier in the day that some red headed Duchess (or lady in a crown as they said) had asked for their assistance. They had said sure to helping out and thought it was too easy for two when all she needed was a ladder moved to the building. The red headed lady in the crown was Duchess Miranda, Baroness of Stromgard, our event hostess. She noticed them in the crowd of newcomers and held them back. She then explained to the crowd what she had asked them to do, and I think she was impressed that they had done it as newcomers. She presented them with feast gear as a token of appreciation in thanks for their service.
A proud mother's moment for her two boys! We then enjoyed watching others be recognized and awarded and were almost despairing that Andrea was not going to receive her Award of Arms as we thought. (Her name was possibly going to be called at the Irish Spring Feast, but she had left before court.) She was the next to the last person to be called up:
Recieving her necklace from King Ieuan and Queen Gwyneth.
Andrea has been involved with the SCA for 15 years, and two kingdoms now. So it was nice to be able to help her to receive this richly deserved recognition. Sunday we made sure that everyone got over and tried their hand at the archery range and the thrown weapons. Some bruising of arms and blistering happened so fun was had. Even some bull's eyes! We also watched the "Monastery Raid" where items are scattered around the barn and the fighters are asked by their lady fair to get certain items. Our friend Finn was able to partake of the event for the first time in his newly completed armor:
Monastery Raid There was another potluck Sunday night, but this one was a roasted pig. Our Baron and Baroness' household all get together and buy a big, this year the biggest one out of the last three years, and roast it. They named it Wilbur and it was Some Pig! Lots of good food and company. Monday was all about getting up (some neighbors were up way to freaking early at 6:30am and started packing up btw!) and having some breakfast before breaking down camp. Since we were up earlier than planned, we were back home by 12:30 and unpacking. A long weekend with friends and family and fun had by all! How was your Memorial day weekend?

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