Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June Spinning

I plied the romney-perendale that I had been spinning at the demos and have those pics finally:
It was an overcast day, so not a lot of good lighting and a lull in between flowerings so I used the rocks by the pond to take pics.  It goes into the handspun collection for Largess donations.

Here's the Muted Mallard Finn yarn:

307 yards of chain plied goodness. Not sure what it will become or if I decide to add it in with the other yarns to become Largess too.

I finished up the Mallard Finn Yarn but still need to ply. Think I"ll go ahead and chain ply it also to keep the color striping. I wasn't consistent with the Muted, so couldn't have just done them as a two ply together, in case you were wondering.
While it was resting I started on some lovely Cormo-Silk that I had gotten from Sincere Sheep because Lorajean had raved about it. It really is a gorgeous cloud like white. Does still have a surprising amount of grass/hay like stuff in it, but I just pull them out as I come to them. I got three two-ounce bundles with the idea that I would ply them as a three-ply. I had one of them done when I did these photos and finished the second one last night. I would have started on the third bundle, but I only have four bobbins and with three already filled, I need to empty one before I start on that last bundle. So need to get that chain plying done!
This really doesn't show the sheen of the silk that it has. Kind of does give you the idea of the cloud-like softness though I guess. ;-) It really does spinning lovely and I should have the third one done soon.

I had a birthday last week and had a lovely lunch out with my son with good conversation. We went to Red Lobster since it was just the two of us. Brandon isn't really into seafood, he does like the coconut shrimp though. Introduced William again, since the last time he was there was when he was a lot younger, to the famous Red Lobster biscuits. I think he'll be taking his girlfriend there for dinner sometime. lol

Brandon made me a lovely collapsible niddy-noddy out of mahogany and cherry:

The mahogany bits are the pickaxe pieces and the uprights are cherry. The lighter bits of the cherry will darken and turn more red as they age. The darker part of the cherry is more of the heart wood. So not only do I have a lovely useful spinning tool, I also have defensive weapons if I need them! Really anyone who is silly enough to mess with a knitter deserves the needle holes they'll get. Mess with a spinner and you'll get something like this coming at you. lol Really, I'm not that violent.

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