Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wrapping up June 2012

Here's the non-muted version of the Mallard Yarn all done. 295.8 yards, four ounces, Finn and chain plied:

I then decided to treat myself to some fiber that has been in my stash for only a year. Some lovely cormo-silk from Sincere Sheep. It's from her Terrior Fiber Series, how could I resist with that name and Lorajean had bought some at the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival and raved about it.  You could actually see the silk! Unlike the last so-called cormo-silk that I spun. It does have bits of hay and grass in the roving, but they were easy to pick out and only maybe one or two got missed and were still easy to pull out after spinning.

Since I bought three two-ounce bundles with the full intention of spinning them as a three ply, that's what I did. One bobbin ended up being shorter than the other two, so my three ply ended up being 399.5 yards and then I did a little two ply skein that's 76.6 yards. I'm not sure what the three ply will become but I plan to do one of my barn raising quilt blocks with the little two ply.

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