Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tunic Dress - aka Camp Dress #2

I was worried that it might be warm this weekend, the weather report was saying that 72 and partly sunny was a possibility. I was afraid that the new Augsberg dress would be a little warm with its two layers, so with Brandon's help, whipped out a simple tunic dress. Its out of the same linen/cotton as the Augsberg dress (aka German Dress), just a little more of the wine dye on it. He did the math and cut the pieces on Wednesday and I sewed them up well into the wee hours of Friday morning.
Top view of the dress from the front.
Back view of the dress. I need to add some of the wool I used on the Augsberg dress to extend the sleeves just a bit. So when I do wear with a chemise with it, the sleeves aren't obviously too short. It was fine for this weekend though! I wore it on Saturday, the warmer day all by itself. I was going to switch to the Augsberg dress on Sunday, but we had redone the sleeves and they were now way too short. We had taken out some of the excess fabric at the armpit and Brandon had sewn them on to the dress Friday morning as I was finishing up packing. I didn't get a chance to try it on so found out about their shortness when I went to wear it. So back on went the tunic dress. I had planned to take some of the wool and add it to the sleeves, so that's what I will be doing this week. I'm also going to pop in a panel on the inside of the bodice so that it can be behind the hook and eye closure. This will allow me to hopefully wear it as a single layer (gasp! the immodesty!) on warmer days and wear with a chemise when cooler out and I want the warmth. I am also going to try to get a simple apron or two done so that will complete the look of both dresses. I just have to have this all done by Thursday before going to bed. We're going up to June Faire, as mentioned previously, on Friday. Just have a little camp box rearranging to also do along the way. I had also brought along the red Gates of Hell or Surcote dress, so Brandon before we even left was trying to have me become Brigitta the Red. Brigitta being the SCA name I use. ;-)

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