Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A shawl and a bag

I was out of town for the weekend and didn't get it posted last week. All that preparation for going out of town got in the way! I finished up Wendy's Meandering Vines Shawl. Soaked it a couple of times, once with vinegar to help set the color a bit since one or two skeins were transferring color while knitting. Then blocked it. It came out really long, but I think she'll enjoy being able to wrap up in it at work. Still trying to coordinate getting it into her hands for use though.
Unblocked on my bed

Close-up of it blocking

Blocking on the bed

Showing the wingspan of it, notice that it drapes over my hands on either end.

Sitting a little high on the shoulders

I wanted a bag that I could use with Miss Molly the Ashford Traditional spinning wheel. Something that I could put the orifice hook and the oil pen into while spinning. I have a lovely large spinning basket but wanted something handy to the wheel. In my queue has been a pattern from Vicki Square's Folk Bags book - The Monastery Tassel Bag. Its done in a fuschia and red in the book and felted. After reading the pattern, I decided for what I want to use it for, I didn't need the full length and so only did one and a half repeats of the pattern. I had some red and black felting yarn from Tammy's destash over a year ago that I thought would be perfect. Other than forgetting to knit inside out while doing the stranding, I think it came out well.

I have a little sweater almost done for Leeloo. I just need to join the pieces together and sew on some pearls (I think I have those!) I am finishing up a cowl, Ice Queen, the Version A with less beads, and currently doing the first picot bind off (it has the top and the bottom). I'm using the leftover green that I used with the dragon shawl. Still not happy with the green color and need to over-dye it. Shelia had the suggestion of doing a yellow to add more green. I'm going to test that out once I'm done with the cowl and see if that works. I have the Lemonade Kool-Aid or yellow Wilton's cake dye to see it that works.  With these two projects done, I'll have January all wrapped up, so I can start February projects.

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