Monday, January 23, 2012


A couple weeks ago we were at a family get together because Brandon's Aunt Mary Lou was in town on her way to San Francisco. Mary Lou lives in Philadelphia, so its a social event when she comes to visit. We brought Brandon's grandfather over so that they could see each other. The event was at Debbie's house with a view of the Saint John's Bridge

Late afternoon and we were still enjoying the odd clear skies and noticed that there was also a full moon and the fog rolling in:

I had some fun with my new camera taking photographs of the fog, the bridge and the general view out on the balcony. Went back inside and continued socializing with various family members.

Then Paige spotted the moon glowing and the fog and pointed it out to me. She only had her camera phone and knew it wasn't going to be able to get the pics, so out into the cold on the balcony I went. I think they came out rather cool using the nightscene setting. There's a few for comparison to see the difference the setting makes.

I think I'll watch the Walgreen's photo sales and maybe have a couple of the above printed. Might even enter them in the fairs this summer. Which ones do you think I should use/do?  You can give them a number based on their order here.

I may or may not have some snow pictures. They're still on the camera that I need to download after getting some shawl pictures so I'll have it ready for this upcoming weekend's event - Ursulmas.


  1. Love the pictures! I think my faves are the bottom one of the foggy bridge pictures and the 3rd one of the nighttime bridge pictures.