Saturday, February 4, 2012

Started in January, finished in February

I had gotten the front and back pieces of Leeloo's Little Black Dress with Pearls and then for some reason set it aside. I finally got the two pieces mattress stitched together and added on some white beads I had in my bead stash for the pearls. Once I on, I realized that it was kind of short and that I might really want to do the single crochet around things.

 So off it came and I picked up stitches at the bottom under the ruffle and added a one inch 2x2 ribbing for some length. Then picked a corner and did a 3 stitch i-cord for eleven inches and then binded it back to the corner. Repeat on the other side and I had two back leg loops.  Then there was the single crochet on the ruffles back on it went:

I think it fits her much better! Her leg hair hides the loops too. The fluffy butt hair also makes it look shorter than it is. It stops just about her hips. 

Before going up to Ursulmas I cast on the provisional cast on for Ice Queen, but wasn't able to get started on it while up there and then a migraine on Monday. So getting it done in time for the month, just didn't happen. Its a nice easy knit and doing the Version A went quickly even with the beads. The slow down was the picot bind off. I had to start it three or four times because of not reading things correctly. Reading - it is a skill! The provisional cast on came off easily and I decided to do the beaded picot bind off just to make it a little more interesting. 

I haven't been happy with the green from the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Lace I got from Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival back in 2009. I used it for the dragon shawl and I still want to over-dye it too.  The Kool-Aid over-dyeing worked for this, but the shawl is significantly larger and I want a more even dye job. So with the cowl I first tried using the lemonade for yellow to work with any blues and brighten the green. Well it brightened it but with more of a yellow tone, so back to the mixing. I added in a Blue Raspberry but added some blue food coloring and Wilton's cake dye. This is what I ended up with with what it looked like before I did the over-dye:

Think this would look better if I were wearing my hair up. I have been thinking it might be something to use at outdoor events in the evening.
What it looks like as a cowl. Might need another wash though because it kind of felt scratchy, and I don't think it was the beads.

Friday must have meant dye day because I rolled right into over-dyeing some already Kool-Aid dyed yellow yarn. I was attempting for a more red tone. I used Black Cherry and it made it kind of a dark red-orange. I wanted to try for darker so pulled out some Grape and ended up with this:

Its going to be part of a Gunnister bag that I'm going to do this month.  

In further effort to wrap things up, I wound off the samples that I had on a bobbin from Yule spinning on Miss Molly the Ashford Traditional. Then the merino wool locks in the grease I spun up after finishing the Abstract Fiber Arts Blackberry yak-merino-silk at Wednesday spinning. I plied the samples up while at Revels and started the chain playing of the Blackberry today. I'm about halfway done with that and plan to finish it up on Sunday. 

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