Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ursulmas 2012

Friday afternoon we drove up to Snohomish to spend the night with my sister, Tanya, and her family. We had a lovely dinner and spent the evening socializing. Saturday we were up and out of the house to drive to Monroe to the fairgrounds for Ursulmas.

Next year if we go, I'm going to try to do a bear to take along. We brought rugs, chairs, my spinning wheel, a table and food, so it took a few trips to get settled in. We were set up next to the Baron and Baroness so that Brandon and Andrea could attend them. I helped organize the layout of things and readjusted our layout a couple of times before settling on a setup.

We had been warned that it can be cold, so we were all wearing out warm clothing, I even came with flannel pants on! Thankfully, I was either running warm or the building was warmer than previously, because I was able to take off the flannels. Andrea put up my hair for me and I was able to try out these cool pearl pieces my mom had gotten me for Christmas.
I put up Andrea's hair in return, but Brandon didn't take a picture of that. Once we were all done with grooming we took a walk around the building to take a look at the different displays and booths.
Looking off towards the rapier area

Archery supplies

Woven leather - very cool!

Red Wolf - circlets, hair holders, pins, brooches and clasps - awesome metal work!

Armored ferret

Duchess Miranda and one of her boys in a crocheted  Viking hat

knives and swords

The circlet that came home with me. Like the amber!

These are hat dangles that Andrea and I wanted a picture of  so we can make some

Looking down the hall

Loom display. I have a small table loom that I could use like this!

Spoon carving

Working brick oven

Food display - spices and legumes

Fresh food display

Working cooking pit - awesome design! When we went back around with my sister and her husband John, they had flat bread and a yummy raisin sauce as samples. 

Grain grinder

Sword making

Back of a German dress and hat I want to make a similar dress and hat for myself!

Brandon and Andrea goofing around

Front of the German dress. Don't think I'll make the shoulders so low, that would just drive me nuts!!

Side view of the dress

Eoghan was 'cadeted' in rapier at the event, hence the red tie on his sleeve. We just missed the ceremony!

Poor Jose! Four women trying to make his back feel better. Don't worry, his wife is the one with her hands on his head. 
We had a fun time and since we were assured of a place to sleep in the future, I can see us going up again next year.

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