Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

My handspun Easter Basket:

First up were the Chocolate Easter Bunnies:
Slightly different because I read the instructions one way the first time and the way they were intended the second. First is on the right, second on the left. Matching button eyes. I used handspun Shetland from my Primitive Fibers Bundle.
Took the nesting bowl pattern and kind of followed the large design. I was using a different weight yarn (lace to light fingering.  I started out with the Icelandic, the grey and then used the Norwegian, the dark brown almost black.  I tried hand felting it but wasn't happy with those results, so popped it into the washer and then let it dry on an upside down bowl in the sun on the patio table. Both of these from the same Primitive Breeds bundle (Finn - Pretty Thing Cowl, Gotland, Icelandic - bowl, Norwegian - bowl and Shetland - Chocolate Bunnies).
Remember the Kool-Aid dyed alpaca-merino-silk? Here it is knit onto one of those plastic Easter Eggs. I knit 95% of it then as I got to the bottom, popped in the egg and worked decreases. I used Judy's Magic Cast On and then kitchener stitched it closed, so a seamless egg. ;-)  Sorry about the blurry pic, much better in the bowl below.

I wanted to do another egg, but I really should have been working on my Aeolian Shawl and Brandon would have been saying I should have been working on my dress for Carnivale.....

(More about how my Carnivale dress was my "Earth Day" dress, in that I was recycling, tomorrow.)

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