Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Giant Step Back

I started working on my Azul Aeolian Shawl last week. It started out really well, even with how time consuming putting on all those beads. Things were going well. The this weekend I started struggling. I wasn't having problems with the charts and even was doing the 9 stitch nupp. I had done the suggested four repeats of the Yucca chart, but looking back could have doubled that number. I then hadn't read for the shawlette that I only needed to do one Agave chart and had done both. At that point I was sure I had enough yarn, I think I was less than half way through the ball and ready to start the edging charts. I negotiated myself into doing the Alternative edging because it had twelve less rows to do. I started the edging yesterday but then couldn't build up excitement to progress. Usually that close to the end I get on a roll and am excited to have things get done so I can see the final project. That wasn't happening.

Today I should have jumped in and started working on it, but found myself going through emails, Ravelry, Facebook, reading blog posts, anything other than knitting on this project. I had also kind of set myself up that I needed to finish this project before doing work on the other stuff for this month. The Teddy Bear doesn't count because lace shouldn't be done at knit night. ;-)

Here's were things were this afternoon:

 Closeup of half the shawl
 Close up of the 9-stitch nupps

Then I realized that I wasn't excited how this shawl was coming along. It was getting heavy with all those beads. It was then I realized that I needed to frog and start over, but maybe not today.  So in about ten minutes I had this:
 the beads
 the yarn pile
all rewound back up into a ball 

So tonight, I'm going to try out an Easter Rabbit out of some handspun Shetland. Tomorrow is spinning during the day and back to the Teddy Bear at knitting. Thursday I'll try to get started again and see if I can get it done over the weekend. I also need to get some sewing done, somehow.....

Was I crazy?


  1. You weren't crazy, you knew you weren't happy with it and you took appropriate steps. I would have shoved it in a bag and left it there for months!