Monday, April 4, 2011

Fixed it, finished it, and made another

Last month I had mad Leeloo an I-Matey Dog Coat is what they call it. She wasn't thrilled to be trying it on with the needles still in the project, even they weren't poking. So at first it seemed as if it was long enough, but as this shows, still a little short and in need of more decreases:
Since I was trying to get kilt hose and shrugs done, I put it aside to fix at another time to be determined.  Sunday afternoon, I decided it was a good time to take out the ribbing and try to tuck up the tummy area and add some length. The frogging went really well, thankfully, so it wasn't that difficult to pick up the stitches and start adding decreases. I didn't have a definite plan for them, just kind of added them in along the way. I took it down to sixteen stitches and then picked up stitches for the ribbing. I might have been able to take the back length maybe half an inch longer, but I would have had to start the decreases sooner to really tuck the tummy area. ;-)
You can see some of the decreases and how it narrowed down and that there is definitely more length to the back.

Still a little bulk at the tummy, but her legs are in the way, so it bunches there. I'm fine with it though. I also rolled her collar, but it doesn't have to be that way. I need to try it on her with her harness on. I want to see if I can steek a hole for her to wear the harness underneath and the D rings come up through the hole.

I cast on this shrug after finishing the one just before midnight on March 31st. April 1st start time, and with errands on Friday, not a lot of knitting time. I did knit, not steadily, Saturday and before bed thought I might have a bit more to knit. Sunday morning when I picked it up, I realized that I really should just go ahead and do the ribbing. I bound off and had to dip a couple yards into a second ball. Means I have two balls to do another project, and I have a beret pattern in mind to send along with the shrug.  Here's the shrug I've decide is going to Bailey:

Here's what the shrugs all look like:

I like that with a change of needle size and yarn I can get a different fit, and have something for different ages. ;-)

Sunday morning I wanted a quick little project, so I grabbed the Abstract Fiber BFL Sample I spun last month. I used up the two samples that had blues and just touched the Smith Rock part while binding off, so I have another Barn Raising Quilt block:

There wasn't enough of the Smith Rock sample to do a complete Barn Raising block, so I rewound the ball and set it aside. I had already wound the sock yarn for this month and while going through last year's Christmas projects bin I found a pattern that I planned to use with a different yarn, but thought it would work with this one. A couple of cast on attempts and before bed I had the ribbing portion done. You'll have to wait for a finished sock for a good pic of it.

How was your weekend?

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