Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two months

Today it has been two months since I lost Nessa. She's still in my thoughts almost daily. There are fewer tears and I can laugh at memories. We sometimes mistakenly call Leeloo, Nessa, but its in a good way.

Nessa is with us in spirit and I think parts of her have come to stay in Norbert and Leeloo. Nessa loved her rawhide chew sticks and didn't mind my leaving the house so long as I left her with one of them. Norbert would also get one, but he was usually more interested in returning to his nap than chewing on it. This allowed Nessa to often steal his chewie stick.

These days its Norbert and Leeloo taking turns stealing the chewie sticks from each other. Norbert comes up on the bed looking for Leeloo's, so while he's up on the bed, she's down on the floor checking out his hidey-hole in the bedroom (in the closet, behind the rocking chair) looking for his. I have to pay attention that they each have their own or that they seem fine with the switch.

They take turns channeling Nessa in regards to food. If Norbert is eating it, and Leeloo wasn't sure about it, she'll eat it after watching him eat it. Norbert was this way and had to see Nessa eat it before he would trust it was good to eat. He sometimes still decided she was crazy and would spit things back out. There have been a few times that Leeloo has been able to get him to try a food.

Before we lost Nessa, it took Norbert almost eight years to figure out the whole food-kitchen thing. Nessa would hang out in the doorway ready to scoop up anything that fell on the floor, or I would toss her way. Norbert had finally started to show an interest in food and was hanging out with her. He's still doing that and now Leeloo is joining him there.

Now if only they would both channel Nessa in eating when I put their food bowls down. They both have a tendency to be picky eaters of their own food. Norbert is more than willing to eat puppy food, but it has chicken/turkey in it and shouldn't be eating it. Thus far it doesn't seem to have triggered an ear infection. Leeloo will eat her food, but if given a choice she'll eat Norbert's first. So I'm back to feeding separately and having to watch both.

Miss you baby.

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