Saturday, May 22, 2010

Things found at Goodwill & Salvation Army

Friday night we were in search of a canopy to use for camping and on the way to Big Lots stopped in at Goodwill. We were hoping to find some wool blankets that can be made into cloaks. We didn't find any wool blankets but did find some rolls of fabric - a couple rolls of corduroy that Brandon can make into pants, some sea green velour that I might be able to do a skirt or something.

His best score was two panels of brown velvet curtains that he can make into a nice cloak, he'll just need to find another fabric as a liner. They were all only $4 or $5 each. I found kind of a poncho/shawl out of a black wool:

It might get use out of SCA events.  I also found a sweater 70/30 wool/alpaca in a nice worsted weight that I plan to unravel and I think will be more than enough to make Brandon some socks to wear with his boots. 

Tiggywinkleknits had shared last Saturday her deals at Salvation Army with me. They were supposed to be having 50% off sales these two Saturdays. Turns out that the next one is on Monday, so our buys weren't on sale. The sweaters were only $8, sweater vest $6, blanket only $6, skirt $5, and dress $8.

The sweaters are a nice neutral color of a light brown. I'm sure they'll over dye well. They're also a nice worsted weight-ish. I don't have a specific plan as yet that I want to use them for. I guess I really need to find out how much yardage I end up with to decide.  The neutral sweaters and vest:
(vest) ETA: The sides were cut and then seamed together so lots of cut strands - I'm going to try felting and see what comes out.

There were a few nice angora/cashmere/wool blends in a very tiny lace weight. They were tempting but I settled for one cashmere/wool sweater in a slightly heavier but still towards the lace weight. 

I won't bore you with the picture of the blanket. Just imagine a beige cotton woven one and you'll know what it looks like. ;-)

A dress was found that I think can double as a chemise. It's a pale pink and I have an inclination to dye it another color or bleach it out. This is what the dress looks like - awful flashy pictures, and a husband that couldn't get up off his knees from working on his grandfather's laptop - it was raining or we would have used some natural lighting:

This is what it looks like with the green Irish Dress that Brandon got for free from Lady Catriona:

At Faire in the Grove I did pick up a nice cotton chemise from a lady, but I'm worried about staying warm next weekend at Grand Thing V. We have been chilly this spring, unusually chilly in fact. It's so white, that I'm tempted to do a tea dye. What do you think? This is the Irish Dress with the chemise:
I still need to fix the lacing edges. The metal boning has worn through the top on one side, so I'm going to sew some ribbon to keep them in place. Just need to get that done before Friday. This does give me two outfits. With the grey wool bodice and a 'sweetheart' black chemise and black skirt, I have another. I want to come up with another skirt or a surcote type dress.  Just have to get Leeloo to cooperate in her napping so I can sew. ;-) Ironing the chemise will also be a nice thing. 

Need to check Whole Foods and New Seasons to see if they have some Parsnips or Turnips. Our last name falls in the 'vegetable' category for the feast on Saturday. I thought either or both of those roasted should fall into the authentic category. Any other suggestions? 


  1. Nice finds. You know me well enough to understand that I get creeped out in goodwills, however, all these unravelable sweaters make it tempting to check it out if I had some one with me (hint hint). Anyway the black shawl thing is a Pashmina, very nice to have handy in the evenings in case it gets cold or is windy. I am in awe of Brandon and his sewing skillz, he is my hero!

    Can you roast the parsnips/turnips with onions? That is mighty tastey to me!

  2. We could go to the Goodwill over by Marie Calender's its nice inside there.

    Where do I get the parsnips/turnips? Sure I can use onions!

  3. They must have put out more stuff since I was in SA last week or I'd have snagged up that cable and fair isle before you got there!

    I'd tea stain the dress and maybe add a crocheted edge to the neckline?

    The black thing is a ruana; sort of like a serape. Black ones are great to wear with triangle shawls over the top of them; they show off the lace nicely. Good buy on that; I'd have snagged it up in a heartbeat!

    You can get parsnips and turnips at Winco. Their parsnips are always biggish, so you have to split them and take out the woody core. Coat with olive oil, add salt and pepper, maybe some garlic heads and roast until they start to carmelize. YUMMMY!