Sunday, November 2, 2008

October Wrap-Up

Looking back over all the knit items that were done in October, it was a highly successful month! Throw in a few yarns, a niddy-noddy, and a t-shirt and it was busy. I have an October projects album here for viewing.

Here's my Malabrigo October projects that are complete: 2 pairs of fingerless gloves, teddy bear hat, teddy bear sweater, Tudora, Celtic Cable Neckwarmer, Martian Scarf, Lace Cowl: I'm still working on the Razor Shell Lace Scarf. The Tudora and Celtic Cable Neckwarmer are nice, but not on my shorter neck and no appropriate jacket to showcase them with. ;^)

The t-shirt was Corbin's (guess who he's named after!) birthday present. I came up with the idea and bought the items. Brandon freehanded the design onto the shirt. His first time with fabric paints so a few paint smears, but 3 years olds don't care:

William's Where's Waldo outfit came out well we think too:

Brandon had fun decorating the house for Halloween. Today, it all comes down since we didn't get out yesterday at all.

The leaves seem to be turning color faster now and falling too. The wind and rain we've had over the last few days have helped I'm sure. I collected a few color samples from the backyard:

November looks to be busy with further knitting and craft projects in preparation for holiday giving. I really need to get down to the Cash n Carry to see if I can get some inexpensive olive oil for soap making. I'd really like to put the handmade soaps in the gift baskets too this year, plus we all miss having them around for our use. I have some yellow mustard seed on order with New Seasons, so homemade mustard will be made. No jams, jellies, or salsas in the gift baskets, definitely need to do those next summer! I think I'm also going to follow along with the Yarn Harlot and make a day for spinning. Friday I think would be nice.


  1. Thanks for the link to the Oleg and Sven thing. It made me laugh and was super encouraging :) Are you participating in NaNoWriMo?

  2. November and December is all about crafting for the holidays. Only writing I can find time to do is blogging. Good luck to you though!

  3. you had a great october, I love your yarn choices and projects.

  4. Thank you! You should check out this year's accomplishments. ;-)