Thursday, November 20, 2008

One step forward, two back

We drew Brandon's cousin, Kyle, as our person(s) for the family gift exchange this year. So I started Jared Flood's Turn a Square hat and used some leftover Lion Brand Wool-Ease and some leftover Nashua CreativeFocus. Actually both are leftovers from other hats that I've done. The hat pattern was fun to have a set repeat to follow for doing the striping and using the jogless join was a fun trick to learn too. Otherwise it's just a basic hat with raglan decreases. Kyle's hat from the top, with Brandon modeling for me. One shot is really dark then the batteries died so I haven't gotten Brandon to model again for me:

A trip through Jo-Ann's netted me a deal on more Wool-Ease for making Corbin's Spiderman mittens. Just the right red and blue and an extra navy blue to use with the leftovers to make some nephew hats. I tried starting the mittens yesterday and was diligently following the directions when I realized that there must be a mistake in how I'm reading them, but then going back to look a the two that are done I'm not sure....I frogged before checking. I think the floats of the black were a little tight the first few rows anyway and need to make sure that the next start is better about that.

Same trip to Jo-Ann's also had a trip into The Knitting Bee where I picked up three skeins of Berroco Pure Merino to use on Kyle's Fingerless gloves. Squishy soft yarn! Great deal too since it was the yarn of the month and I got 15% off. I had made it through a good portion of the thumb gusset when I looked at how big the hand is becoming. I tried it on and it seemed too loose. This meant I had to set it aside until I could have Brandon try it on as a size check. I was following the XL directions using the correct needle sizes. So I'll be frogging back that glove too.

Before I had started the mittens I started another Baby Love Blanket called 'Logan's Half Blanket'. The pattern calls for a chunky on US10, I'm using the DK I have and using US7s and I'm doing the 'larger' sized version. That thankfully is coming along fine so far and I'll take it again to public knitting today at Insomnia.

Have not yet started a batch of soap. I'm not sure why. I did get Brandon to take all supplies down off the top shelf of the pantry so that I could get started. Rediscovered that I had a full container of olive oil up there. Sigh. Not a problem! Means more castile soaps or ones with olive oil when I get them started.

Took the previously finished Baby Love Log Cabin Baby Blanket to Haggen's last night, but missed that Bobbie wasn't going to be there. Did have fun chatting with Susan and Gail, then Jeanette. Had not seen Jeanette for a while since she's busy taking classes Thursday afternoons to become a Civil Engineer when she grows up. I got to take a look and give Susan an idea for a name for one of her dyed sock yarns. She's doing a variety of dye experiments for future lines. An enjoyable couple of hours knitting and chatting!


  1. When you're working on those stranded mittens and gloves, work them inside out; that way the floats are just a smidge longer and won't pull when you're done and turn it inside out. ;)

  2. Thanks for that idea Bobbie! I'll give it a whirl, though that means an awful lot of purling.....