Thursday, November 27, 2008


What I've accomplished since I last posted:

1. Kyle's Fingergless Gloves - with half fingers, pattern from Knit Picks (omitting the finger cover portion)

2. A Spiderman Mitten - regular pattern:
Much too long to fit on a three year old's hand! So I needed to modify them.

3. Corbin's Spiderman Mittens - modified:

4. I was on a roll with the Spiderman thing so took the charts and alternated them for a hat and then used a modified version of the 'Turn a Square' raglan decreases to finish the hat. I think Corbin is going to be a happy little boy:

5. We found out when Aunt Debbie was going to do Thanksgiving dinner, so we planned to go there after my cousin's. I needed another gift, so made another Turkey dish cloth:

Still working on the Baby Love "Logan's Half Blanket" for charity. I've also added a few more rows, no where enough of course on the Razor Shell Scarf.

More gloves/mittens and hats are in store over the next few weeks.

Thanksgiving day was enjoyable visiting with my family in Dundee at my cousin's house and then afterward at Brandon's Aunt Debbie's house. I made a widely well received Candied Apple Pie Cheesecake. Brandon made a croissant style roll with cream cheese and prosciutto and cranberry sauce. The rolls were yummy and enough leftover that we can enjoy them.

I tried to take my next project with me in the car but was running late and didn't fully read the pattern requirements and so forgot the size 3 needles, but had the 4s. I hope to start them in the morning.


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  2. Wow! I've been blog spammed. But in case this is 'real', they should know that I *do* know how to program. I learned Borland's C++, VB, Visual C and Delphi which was a form of Pascal. It helped me graduate with a BS in Computer Science. :^)

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