Monday, June 2, 2008

possible new knitter created

I was at Hilhi today and the last class of the day for me was Ceramics. We were sitting at a different table because the teacher planned to do a polymer face mask demo and had commandeered the table we usually sit at. No problem, I can read at that table as easily as any other. This table though I was able to chat with two young ladies that were much more friendly than the other table.

After talking about ceramics, I brought up that I'm a fiber artist (the teacher had previously had a discussion that there are many different types of 'artists' on a different day that I had subbed for this person). One young lady was talking about how she wanted to save up for a kiln (I'd love one too along with a potter's wheel) and I commented back that I'd love for a spinning wheel.

This got her thinking and talking. So I told her about how to make yarn. She seemed curious by the process. Then mentioned that she had tried to knit and that she hadn't really cared for it. I said that she probably had started on the worst possible project for a new knitter - a long boring scarf. Look of amazement. She then asked what I would suggest. I scrambled and thought about what teen girls like and came up with felted bags - totes, backpacks, purses. She was very intrigued by that thought. I stressed that she had to buy 100% wool if she was going to go to JoAnn's or Michael's like she mentioned to get some yarn. I did say that she could add fun fur if she wanted but that she had to use the 100% wool to get the felting action.

I'm not positive that she will have gone to get supplies this afternoon but maybe she'll think about it over the summer and explore further. I can only hope that I get to sub there again before the end of school and find out.

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