Thursday, June 19, 2008

Karma? Knitting & Yarn

So yesterday morning I save a baby blue bird. Yesterday afternoon, I was a participant in a Darwinism. On the way to go shopping at Winco I had a squirrel run out in front of the car. It would have been totally fine, if it hadn't stopped and panicked and turned back the way it came, stalled and then I don't know. I just kind of heard a little 'crunch' and looked back to see the body in the road way. Sigh. I guess something was meant to die and some weird karma said I had to be involved in it.

This afternoon I was able to get over to Insomnia to meet up with some other ladies in the Hillsboro area. Arica, Cindy and Alyssa were there all knitting when I arrived. Baby Cori sucking on her fist quietly went to sleep and didn't wake up until we were getting ready to leave. I brought along my Bobby Blue Falling Water Scarf to work on. I have been working on my Cascade Lizard Ridge but thought I should give myself a break and really didn't want to drag the HUGE bag of yarn cakes in with me.

I was able to concentrate and still contribute to the conversation but my knitting was definitely slow as I got back into the swing of lace. I finished a block tonight and started another one and then put it aside to spend more time on the scarf.

I did some more looking at the Knit Pick Sampler yarns I have and matched up a few with some socks. So stretching out the stash to queue compatibility. My Knit Pick shopping cart had increased and decreased. I took out some fixed circular needles because really do I want to learn out to knit two socks at one time on one circular needle? Not really. The patterns do look nice but I'd much rather make progress one sock at a time then fiddle around with the magic loop and trying to keep two skeins of yarn from making a knotted mess. I had a few books that are on my wish list and still have it hovering around $50. I think I have a gift certificate coming from Judy that will cover this. Crosses fingers....

I finally got the yarn dropped off from the swap at WWKIP at the Hillsboro Senior Center. I had a nice older gentleman, Jim, talk my ear off for forty-five minutes. Started out with asking about yarn that I might have for making chemo caps, he knits. Moved on to do I know how to cable knit? Yes, would I be willing to finish an afghan that was started by a lady who died before she finished it? Um, okay? It of course doesn't have a pattern to go along with it. I think it's also acrylic, I haven't looked closely at the yarn yet. I also have to figure out what cable she was using. There's enough yarn to complete the afghan. Jim also does wash clothes and keeps the pattern in his wallet. He talked my ear off about the joys of working for Trimet and thought that I would make an excellent driver for them. I'm broad in the beam and that says bus driver?

After making sure that I took some of their free bread, dropped off by Trader Joe's and giving me a bouquet of flowers, we headed our separate ways.

I now have an afghan to finish some how. Oh boy. :-)

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