Monday, June 30, 2008

Domestic Goddess

I've been doing some cleaning around the house, but I've also been going through those weird bouts of agoraphobia. It's weird not having Will here during the week and having to drop-off/pick-up at football workouts. Sure he's been gone for a week or two at a time, but this is going to be all summer long.

I'm sure this will all change once I start the summer job on Thursday too.

I'm making progress on my Cascade Lizard Ridge blanket. I have eleven blocks done and I think I'll do a 4x5 blanket, so I'm over half way done now. I'll probably end up with lots of leftover Cascade 220 also. Which can be useful. I've been doing volunteer editor work with the two Eva Wiechmann books - Pursenalities and Pursenality Plus. So I'm developing a hankering for making another bag.

I have gone back to my 'Chic Shopping Bag' and made it usable. The i-cord handles didn't really work for it so I bought some leather ones from Jo-Ann's that work. I also used some of the red I bought for the CLR to do 'x' stitches up the corners, took some plastic canvas I had and some leftover brown felt to make a sturdier bottom. I'm tempted to get more and make some side supports for the ends so the bag will 'stand up' more. I just need to sew on the button and do a cord for it and could consider it 'done enough' to retake a picture and have it show up on the project page for it. I took it with me to Insomnia last week for Insomnia Group Knitting Thursday. It worked out great for hauling all my Cascade 220 for the CLR.

I'm still trying to do repeats on the Falling Water scarf. I've slipped on the one chart a day thing though so behind. These two are the projects I'm currently working on but they're both 'big' in that they are time consuming to complete. Then again I've just been doing quickie projects for a while so this is good for me.

The Knit Picks Cart is around $50 and my three books are on wait list until July 3. As soon as I get the green light on those, I can hopefully make the whole purchase, though there really is no rush on the books. The sale goes through the end of August.

All these bright colors has me hankering to pull out some fat quarters I have stashed for quilt blocks and make a couple new quilt covers for our bed. I'd use the old quilts that are starting to come apart (bought them from Meier & Frank for $25 a piece eight years ago - cheaply made) as filler, so they would almost be duvet covers, I guess? I'd do simple blocks that just do a cool color change across the landscape of the quilt. That's the style Brandon has said he prefers and I'm not really looking to do fancy piecework squares right now.

In other domestic news other than cleaning, I've been trying to do more things from scratch. Like potato salad. Lots of that because it's relatively easy to make and has satisfying results. Also goes along with the summer cooking on the BBQ of chicken, hamburgers, steaks and hot dogs.

We finally made it down to the Woodburn Factory Outlet Stores. Brandon was able to find pants (they only had 3 pairs of jeans in the whole store) to replace his jeans for work, and several nice work shirts at Columbia Outfitters. I found some tops and a nightgown at Lane Bryant as well as several new bras and underwear at the Leggs, Hanes, Bali store. Will who was the one who really wanted to go shopping at the Aeropostale store also scored with four shirts, two shorts and two jeans as well as a zipper t-shirt sweater. He's happy now.

Will surprised me with the thought of enlisting in the Air Force on the way down. That was a bit of a shocker. Not sure where it is all coming from, but I did spend a few minutes chatting online with someone from the Air Force last night. Still not thrilled with the idea but if it's what he ultimately wants to do, the Air Force is better than any other branch of the service right now. I'd of course try to make sure that he didn't end up doing something he hated. There's an enlisted position that he could go into that would help towards a nursing degree later and they do have a good schooling program if he could get into it. Of course the better option is just to go to school and then go in as an officer. We'll do more talking about all this, this upcoming weekend.

I'm off to make some homemade chili and cornbread for dinner...

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